Wednesday, October 1, 2008


ok, so I am not sure I am glad that I wasn't home for this or

Last night on my way home from bible study I called to let my hubby know I was on my way. And he says to me "Good!  We have had an interesting night!"  I, of course, am intrigued.

Apparently, D had put the boys to bed and was sure they were asleep.  He then had to run up to the job site he's working on to make sure is was closed up.  Our S was home, so of course the boys weren't alone, so he left.

Well sometime after he left, S heard noises upstairs so she went to investigate.  When she got up there the boys' door was ...LOCKED.  E had locked it from the inside.  She began to have a bit of a panic moment.  She called her friend upstairs that was here with her.  Neither could get it open.  They then began to beat on the door to wake up N so they could get him to unlock it. Wouldn't you know it?  The kid just kept on sleeping... through pounding and yelling... the kid sleeps like a ROCK!  Which is great when your 18 yr old comes in at midnight and the dogs bark, but not when they are locked in a room.

Our house was built in 1965 so any door keys we might have had are long gone.  And E normally just calls to us from his bed, he doesn't get up and play with the door.  

As S and friend are yelling and beating on the door, Daddy comes home.  He of course is more than a little curious as to why they are beating on the door to a room that is supposed to house sleeping boys. 

He pulls out his handy tools, and proceeds to break down the door, and replace then had to door handle completely.  No more locked doors.  He got E back to sleep. And was back downstairs by the time I got home.

Crazy stuff, and N slept through the WHOLE thing, even the changing of the locks. 

I had thought of putting those safety door covers in the inside handle before, but then I thought of those dangers, so of course didn't do that.  

So, word to the wise, make sure the kids can't lock themselves in their room, unless you have keys to the

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Our Family said...

Wow! That was some experience huh? I must admit, I did laugh while reading it - sorry to D and S who had to handle this situation! It WAS funny though!