Wednesday, October 8, 2008

One of those days

Remember the post about Adoption being a funny thing?  I think maybe I will rename it... parenting is a funny thing.

Today was one of those days.  Little E was just ornery.  We had more testing of boundaries than usual.  SO tiring!  Now I know it's how this is supposed to go, but it doesn't really matter how many books you read to get's just not real life till you're in it.  

Plus we have S who is really struggling with being in her school.  She wants to badly to go back to the school she's zoned for, and we just aren't willing to let her give up.  She's not happy with us. oh well, we will have to be the bad guys here and make her keep this commitment at least through the first year. I am not sure which kid is testing boundaries more... the 15 yr old or the 3 yr old? ;o)    On a fun note, tomorrow is picture day at school for her, and her brother is going to drive her to school.  She wants to make sure that her hair stays just right.  And since Z is staying with us tonight and will be up early she asked him is he would take her.  He's a good guy!  He has alterior motives though because he has a bunch of friends there and he wants to see them.  ;o)

On a bummer note we do have to schedule surgery for little E.  It will be next Thursday if all goes as it's supposed to.  We really didn't want it, but we have been shown that it's best for all involved.  As I was reminded at least it's an option... we could be left with no options which would be life threatening.  So... there ya go. ;o) Surgery it is.  

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