Friday, October 17, 2008


So tonight while I have some quiet time I was reading through some blogs.  Maybe I should have put that in my 'Tagged' thread... "I am addicted to blogs":o)

I love reading what others are doing and thinking, perhaps because it takes my mind elsewhere, because I know there are other's out there that feel the same way I do... and many that feel it more.

I began to have a realization that I have become a bit inwardly focused...not so much into myself per se but into my family.  I have some every day good old American issues, like finances, and jobs, and teenagers and toddlers.  And I also have a son who came to us in a state that for all intents and purposes would have killed him eventually if he weren't brought here.  I posted a blog earlier about the issues I have with his care in the Children's Hospital here and then I watched a short video on a blog that has a mother with a dying child in her arms... dying of something as "simple" as food deprivation.  

Why am I complaining?  Why am I fussing?  My son has something his parents didn't.  He has a chance at life.  He is in a place that while doctors won't speak to each other, at least they have the tools to get him better.  This has been a long road but it's one to life...not to was surely his path.

I fuss about being tired, but I drove to the hospital in my warm dry car, I didn't walk there for miles hoping the helpers will take him and give him relief.  I can demand care, I have a choice.  

I am not sure why we were given this gift, but E is.  All of my children are gifts, they were given to one cracked pot ;o) ...but I thank the Lord for them.  For being born in a place that I do have the choice and that we have the ability to not only save, but love and be loved by our sweet children.

Thank you Lord.


Andrea said...

I do agree with you about other blogs. I can't imagine what life would have been like if I didn't have these blogs.
Funny how you mentioned cracked pot.. I think God's intention of having these special children of yours,especially E, has shaped you more into the image of His son. I say this so often to God when I pray how thankful I am that you got E. just on time to save his life over here with the medical care we have.

Mugsey said...

Sounds like God has done some awesome work in one of his cracked pots the last couple days. Prayers are with you still.