Sunday, February 26, 2012

Could it be????

Looks like A's paperwork is going to be submitted to court this week!!!

Just a few short weeks ago we weren't sure we would have ANY papers to submit, and this week they will be placed in the court system!

B's papers still have 1 stinkin piece to be completed. I think it's a dreaded MOWA letter?... but I don't know.

It's been a really long 8+ months waiting to be submitted to court.. it's almost surreal to think it may actually be happening.. This mean that we will be in Ethiopia within the next month or so!!! WAHOOO!!!

We hope to hear something about B's paper this week.

What they will do it submit Abel's papers this week and then as soon as B's are done they will submit his, and then make sure they know that the 2 are together. D and I will only have to go for one court trip, and then wait for them to pass.

PRAYING they both pass quickly then are submitted to Embassy to be home by June??? One can wish right?!

This means though that we need to start getting busy with making the money we need to bring the boys home. We need to get busy working on selling our Africa's in my etsy shop.... or you can see them on my facebook page. PLEASE SHARE IT! :)

We also have a very cool partnership going on with my dear friend... she is making amazing trivets and coasters. Please check out her page and see what you might like... SHARE it too... PLEASE :)

We will need about 2000.00 to pay for their tickets home... thank you for your prayers and help!!

This journey seems to have a light at the end of it's tunnel!! Praise GOD

Friday, February 10, 2012

Hope Comes in the Morning

It's funny that when God gives you insight, He then gives you some semblance of peace.

We have found out that A's paperwork is completely finished and B's is only one piece away from being ready for court submission. It's a miracle!!!

It looks like we may have a court date in March...or at the very latest April! SO excited about that.

The conundrum is that I was planning to go with BEMM to meet the momma we sponsor and to spend some time with the ministry as well as work on some other things while there in March... and at this point it's on hold. I TOTALLY trade getting my boys with that... but am still a little sad to possibly miss that.

It also means that we need to come up with the money to be able to travel 2 of us, instead of just me.

Gotta get some Africa's sold!! :) Please check them out ... and share with your friends if you aren't ready to buy one yourself. :)

I CANNOT wait to see my boys again and be able to for REAL call them our sons.

Saturday, February 4, 2012


I have struggled.

Seriously, struggled these last several months.

I can't begin to describe to you how I have felt other than unhinged, emotional, and unsteady.

When we found out in December that it was possible that we would not be A's parents it kicked into high gear. The waiting and wondering, the praying, the crying out to God... the feeling that my heart was being ripped from my chest.

If God had not set into motion a relationship a year ago that's flourished into one of family and love... then A would not be now moving into court submission.

I have text a few friends truly concerned that I just could not get a handle on my sadness and ache for all that is in Ethiopia. I am a momma with her arms empty of 2 beautiful boys who I know and love. Have met and hugged and kissed and had call me mom. I have seen their smiles, and tears... I have seen them interact with their friends and nannies. I have watched them with my big A's. They have been grafted into my heart... and they are not here.

I grieve what they will miss. I grieve what they will no longer have. I grieve the special bond that is between Ethiopian people.

Yesterday I had an aha moment.

I believe I grieve so strongly because my boys are going to need me to understand. They are going to grieve it too. They will on a level I will never understand.... but I KNOW... a tiny piece of it. This is some ways gives me comfort... to know that perhaps there is a purpose to my own pain... yet it makes the ache for them that much deeper.

My boys are going to need someone here to GET that what they miss is a piece of their being.

B with his boundless energy and sweet shy smile... and A with his soft voice and sweet demeanor... will for sure have many wonderful opportunities here... but it doesn't replace what they will no longer have.

They will no longer be in an orphanage you say? Well no, they won't but those people have been their family for more than 3 yrs each... they have bonds... they have roots...they have family there. It's sure not the same as family, but it's what they know.

So I am learning to embrace the grief... feel and cry myself through it.. because my boys are going to need me to cry with them ... grieve with them. And we will heal and grow through it.

Friday, February 3, 2012


So excited to say that we are finally moving in the right direction! :) So excited!!!

The mountain we needed to move was moved. God is so very good!! And He's contining to make things happen.

On the home front there's exciting things happening as well. The boys got their report cards yesterday and N got is first EVER O for Outstanding in Work Habits!! :) And E is now above grade level in subjects that just weren't clicking for him before!! How very cool is that?!

S has been promoted in her her job which means a raise and more hours which is awesome considering the fact that she now has a car payment. The joys of adulthood huh? We are picking out prom dresses and planning graduation.

Fundraising for my trip to ET in March with Because Every Mother Matters AND too see the boys.

Here is a sample of one of the newest creations:

It's 18"H x 17"W each are had distressed and stained so no 2 are exactly the same. The proceeds go towards my trip. 45.00 plus shipping any where in the US. Let me know if you want one... they go pretty quickly! :) LOVE IT!!

Thanks for your prayers and your support!