Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Yesterday was a VERY long day!

E had an appointment in the morning to see of we would need surgery.  We were able to talk to the Dr and have them postpone it.  This is a surgery we don't really want, and it's really an elective, so we are electing not to do it for now.

Then we went on the another specialist, found out we will need to start some new meds as soon as I can get them from the pharmacy today.  We waited around yesterday at the hospital pharmacy to find out that they would have to get it together today. Argh!

Then we had to get to N's preschool, pick him up and take both boys to their regular Dr for check ups and shots.  Poor N had to have 5 and E had 2.  They were very brave!  Both boys woke up this morning with VERY sore arms.  

We didn't get home from all the appointments until 430pm.  All of us were exhausted.  Both boys were very good though, especially E who had been with me waiting in Dr rooms for most of the day.  

Oh, funny story.  N had to have some labwork we all went in to the room together.  One guy was doing the blood draw, and the other guy gave E a sticker.  One for him and one for N.  He then gave E another one for him and another one for N.  E decided that N only needed one though so refused to give up the others.  Perhaps he felt his day was longer so he deserved more?  Silly kid.  At least he gave up one right? ;o)

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