Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tagged again

My dear blogging friend Jill has tagged me again...LOL
I am not sure if I have that many interesting things to say about myself.... ;o)
ok, here goes:

1.  Since I didn't put it in my last list, I do love to read blogs... love it! It's almost like reality TV but more reality. Well at least I think so.  I love to see what people are doing, how they are feeling and since most of them are adoption blogs I get SO much comfort just from knowing that others go through the same things I do.  And I love to read the joys of discovery and new referrals.  

2.  I used to be a huge 80's hair band fan. But I also LOVED Metallica.  yep, Metallica and Pantara  were 2 of my favorite bands.  I have been to their concerts and in mosh pits and everything.  Now I listen almost exclusively to Christian music, not because of some kind of boycott of Metallica or anything, I just prefer it now.  lol... I could probably still sing word for word many of their songs...lol  CRAZY days

3.  I am VERY disorganized.  Ok, well I have a system, I know where everything is, but noone else would be able to find my stuff.  I am a "pile girl"all my stuff is in piles and generally I just move them around.

4.  I am the oldest of 2 children.  And I always wanted a boy and a girl, boy first then a girl.  I got that ...but then God decided to give me some bonuses.

5.  I used to be a travel agent.  I LOVE to travel, I want to go so many places.  But in Aug of 2003 I got to go on my dream trip with my husband to Scotland for 8 days.  I had always wanted to go, there was an amazing deal, and we went.  It was unbelievably awesome!  I got to splash in the Loch Ness and walk the Highlands and sit in Edinburgh Castle.  

6.  I love all kinds of weird foods.  Not like the guy on food network that eats eyes and scorpions or anything.  But sushi, oysters, goat cheese... not really weird... but my family doesn't eat them so they are delicacies for me.

7. I do not like Sponge Bob Square Pants


Bergmama said...

From one former Metallica fan to another, I'm so sorry for tagging you when you'd already been tagged! Still, I loved reading more interesting facts about you! :)

PS You didn't happen to be at a Metallica concert in St. Louis in 1998 did you??? ;)

Andrea said...

lol, nope I have never been to St Louis... Bet it was a good one!