Sunday, October 26, 2008


This has been a very full and very good weekend.

Started with Friday when S got to eat lunch with a professor.  If you remember she is attending a special academy and they had a professor from a pretty prominent college in our state visit to talk about a book they are reviewing.  Apparently my S was insightful and asked great questions so the professor asked she and 2 other students to have lunch with he, his wife and some other teachers as a special treat.  Pretty cool to have been invited to share lunch and discuss a book. My girl who doesn't enjoy reading and dislikes her school with a passion... found something to enjoy and be proud of....hhhmmm maybe there's still hope? ;o)

Saturday we got to spend time with people from our Emmaus  community.  We took the boys with us.  One of the things I love about these people is the love they have not only for Christ, but that we have for each other.  N is our social butterfly so he just FEEDS off the people, they love on him and he loves on them.  And E even got into the game.  N would run and E would chase him and everyone would laugh and E would laugh.  It was such a joy to see them running and playing.  And E was coming a bit out of his shell.  He's SO cute!  And N is just a joy to watch interact with people.  He just has no fear, and loves to entertain his 'public'.  

So this brings us to the "Grandma?!" quote.  While spending time with these wonderful friends, a lady I haven't seen for quite a while came up to me and says "Are you a grandma?!!"  Ok so if you read the previous post you will see a recent picture of me, now I know I look tired... but DANG a grandma???!!! Time to go get the gray colored again!
I said "Um nope" to which she then said "Those aren't YOUR kids?!" 
I said "Yes they are!"
She says "Did you adopt them?"  
ok now I just wanted to say 'here's your sign'  but I just smiled and said "Yes we did"

GRANDMA?!  totally no offense to any grandmother's out there but sheesh... I am so not old enough to be a grandma yet.  


steffany said...

Are you serious? I bet she felt.....uummm. Awkward.
You look great!

Andrea said...

I am rolling here on my floor. That is just rude and and think this kind of comment would have never came from a professional or courtious woman because now women have babies at 45. It's kinda hillarious but wow, people are just blunt.
Yeah I just saw your pic and you really look far too young to be a granma. Although at first when I saw your daughter and the the grandma subject I was like oopsi but I knew something funny would be coming.

Matthew and Amanda said...

Yeah, I just don't see it. There's no way you could pass for Grandma. Seriously!


Andrea said...

Yeah my daughter does look older, but she would have been like 10 to have birthed them...LOL
Now my son could technically have fathered them I guess but he would have been 14, and it's not been THAT long since I saw this lady ;o)
oh, funny things people say ;o)