Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Just more fun

I took some pics and thought I would share, and I realized the other day that I cannot find a picture of my most amazing hubby and me together.  We always tend to be the other one behind the  So its not a great pic, but you get to see it
But does E look fantastic or what... He is one amazing kid!  


Andrea said...

You and your husband look really great. Thanks for posting these cute pics. Little E always seems to cheer me up. What an awesome kid. I hope to meet him one day. Of course I would like to meet N. too.

steffany said...

He looks great.

Our Family said...

Hello friend,
I love the pictures of all of you. you all look like you are doing better and maybe - just maybe, finally settling in to "life" a bit now - am I right?!
Miss you!

Matthew and Amanda said...

Wow! Just wow! E does look so great. He has those killer eye lashes. Why oh why do those knock out eye lashes always go to the boys?!?!


Aaron and Marjore Reinard said...

We are the Reinards. We met you in ET. We shared a seat with you in the van ride to the Embassy (youth pastor with a LONG goatee...can't forget that). We have been looking for your blog since we got home and finally found it today. We knew it was called Better than Good, but couldn't remember that actual address. We've just spent the last 45 minutes reading your back log since August....and crying and laughing.

First we want you to know that you have been at the fore-front of our minds and prayers the past two months. Even though we spent all of two hours together we just couldn't get you guys off our minds. Please know you've been prayed for this whole time by some folks from PA.

Secondly, without taking up too much space in your blog....we'd love to touch base with you. Our stories over the past two months have some amazing similarities. Please e-mail us at My blog doesn't really tell the story.