Wednesday, October 29, 2008


It's been one of those days where you say to God "I appreciate that you won't give me more than I can handle, but I sure wish you didn't trust me so much"

E and I went to the Dr today to talk take the stitches out of his surgical site and I was shown how to care for it.  So honestly I have such a new respect for nurses because .... UGH!!!  God how come you thought I could do this?  I know you know me... you know how I am... why am I being called to have to do this?  I guess perhaps it's because you know I will.  I sure don't like it... but I will do it, there really isn't a choice right?  no choice means you just get over yourself and get it done.

And then there is a post on a blog I read that shares that another death has occurred at big AHOPE.  

It reads:
We are very sorry to share the sad news that Tilahun Yimer, one of our boys at AHOPE, died last week after succumbing to a brief illness.  He was one of the first AHOPE children, arriving in 2001.  He was very helpful with the younger children and a good student.  Tilahun was well-loved by the staff and children, who are grieving now.  
You can read more about him, and see his picture on the AHOPE site.

This is one of those times when I know God hears me, knows what my prayers are, and I don't understand his answers.

Why do children have to die without knowing the love of a family?  Not just in Ethiopia, but any where? Why is there this pain?  What more can I do?  

I know so many of the people that read this blog have already adopted or are in the process... but if you haven't ... would you pray about how you can help?  Not everyone is called to adopt, I totally get that, but would you pray for these children?  Would you pray for families to be able to step forward and bring them home?  Would you donate perhaps to one of the many organizations that help families with the financial burden of bringing these children home. (contact me I can tell you of some GREAT ones!)

Despite any of the fears and overwhelming feelings I have over our future and what lies ahead, I wouldn't trade this place for anything in the world.  I love my children, bio and adopted... I love that God placed this burden on my heart.  I love that I hurt for these children, because it means He has given me this burden and He WILL carry me through it.  


Thankfulmom said...

Thank you for writing about Tilahun. Somehow I feel that the more people who know about him, the more we can bear the loss. We are a voice for the HIV+ orphans who are still waiting for families.

Sorry to hear about the yucky stitches.


Andrea said...

What another sad day at AHope. So painful. I love your last paragraph though. And I believe you 100%.