Friday, October 17, 2008

Surgery done

but we are not home yet.

You see my sweet special boy is a pretty complex case, and he's not into doing things the easy way so he's still there. 

Actually the main part of his surgery went very well, all is good and healing, he's in a good deal of pain, but even that is subsiding.  Thank you God.

But he woke up the morning of surgery with a golf ball sized cheek and a fever.  I was surprised frankly that they did the surgery, but thankful!  But his fever kept rising so they fear an infection. They are keeping him for observation and to check some labs.

I cannot tell you how VERY disenchanted I am with this hospital though.  It's supposed to be a good hospital, it's a children's hospital for heavens' sake and they COMPLETELY lack in communication and follow through skills.  If I were not there with him 24/7 things wouldn't get done. And that's not because I am over bearing (at least I don't think so) but things that were ordered weren't done until I said, "hey are you going to do these tests"?

SO frustrating, if there were another hospital in the area, I would be taking him there in a heatbeat!!!

With that off my chest, I am glad he's where he may be able to get help, to finally become pain free and healthy, and to be a regular little boy. I was talking to a friend today and she said to me "I just want him to feel better, I want us to be able to go to the beach and play in the sand and just 'be'".  I agree!

A good sign is that when I left this afternoon, so daddy could take his shift, he was being R2D2 again...whirring, and beeping and making his little noises.  My sweet Little E is coming back. Thank you God!

Maybe we will post good news tomorrow. ;o)


Leslie said...

Praying for him to be all better and his normal fun self very soon.

Andrea said...

So much your little E. has to go through. What a story you can tell him when he gets older. I am so glad too they did the surgery. I really hope and pray being Saturday today that his fever is lowering and he is starting to feel better. Hang in There Andrea, I am praying for you too.

Bergmama said...

Thinking of you guys...hope things are greatly improving. I can't wait to see pictures of E playing and having fun and feeling totally better!