Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I have a niece that just turned 2...the same day my N turned 4...in August.
This kid is a wonder.  She is cute as a button, tall, willowy and very sweet, I haven't asked permission to share pics on here so I won't, you will just have to take my word for it.

My brother, her father, is one intelligent guy.  When he was little we used to say we could see the wheels turning in his head when he was thinking.  He was the kid that really could have used some advanced teaching classes because he was just bored to tears in school.  And he married a very intelligent woman... so their daughter has a head start in that department. Now I don't know where nature or nurture comes in here...but little M is WAY ahead of her time.

As I said she just turned 2 yrs old, 2 months ago.  And she speaks in full on sentences... I am not talking "See Jane Run", I am talking, "I want to go find the locusts"  And if you ask her what the other name for locust is, she will tell you, "Cicada"!  She memorizes books and will tell you the whole story.

So, back to bugs, this kid LOVES bugs.  I am not talking just kind of likes them.  She LOVES them.  She loves to go out and find locust shells and then carries them around.  The other day we had brunch together and she had a big green caterpillar in a plastic jar that she carried everywhere.  She would have carried the caterpillar itself, but mommy and daddy drew the line. Today E and I stopped by to hang out and we went to a park.  M had a ziplock bag with her insects in it along, she also uses the ziplock bag to catch other bugs along the way.  She had a dead spider in her bag who she decided to get out and play with while we were at the park. Yep, she took the spider out ( I promise it was dead) and carried it all over the place, petting it and loving on it.  A SPIDER!!! blech

At one point along our walk E spotted a bug on the sidewalk and called M over to get it...lol  My little guy was annoyed at getting his hands dirty while his sweet little dainty girl cousin was picking up and playing with bugs.

I have told my brother that he's going to have to keep an eye out in her room for the things she will bring home... I mean most little girls want to bring home stray cats and dogs, not spiders and locusts. ;o)  He's also going to have to be prepared to have her graduate from college at like age 10...lol

Crazy stuff!

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