Saturday, October 4, 2008

Adoption is a funny thing

I don't mean funny haha, but funny as in hhhmmmm.

The truth is that in the beginning way back in  We hadn't ever really thought of adoption.  Not that we were opposed to it in any way... well other than we had 2 teenagers and were loving the fact that we had so much freedom.  ;o)

But then God got hold of our hearts.  Funny how that works huh?  

We ran into so many road blocks in the beginning we began to think we had heard Him completely wrong, but then He started opening doors and windows.  Then He closed some like for countries that we had originally been researching.  

We landed in Ethiopia.  You know what the funny thing is?  When I first became a Christian I was so afraid God would send me somewhere like Africa... not because I disliked Africa, but because it seemed SO far away and so different.  Now I love that we have 2 little pieces of Africa here in our home and our hearts.

Adoption has changed the way we look at life.  How we live, how we love and how we view the world.  When we adoption N, and were in Ethiopia, I knew we would be back.  God knew what he was doing in giving us one child at a time ;o).  I knew we would be back though.  

And now we have E.  Our precious E.

There will always be that tug I think... that feeling like I could do this again.
Now don't anyone panic, we are NOT adopting again. 

But I hear of other families beginning the process again, or see the new families have been formed and I feel so much happiness...and an eensy bit of jealousy that we are now done.  I do some times wish I had another little girl. My husband would have a  I think it's the feeling of getting to know a child that has lost so much and being able to help fill some void...and have them fill a void that only they can fill.  A child sized void, created by God.  One that I didn't know I had until He showed me.

I still read forums that I belonged to before(although I rarely respond any more) because I love to see the new referrals, and the new faces of these beautiful children.  I watch blogs so I can follow journeys.

I thank God that He placed that void and then filled it with my sons.

Adoption...It's Better than Good!


Andrea said...

Adoption is such a special thing. I can totally agree with you. We too were done and had a good quiet life; our teenagers being very independent. Than God hit me above the head during a missions' trip and lead me on the journey of adoption and with me too closed and opened doors, many doors. Funny how God works. But I am so happy that both of your precious boys are home already. They also fit so perfectly into your family. You never know what could happen in a few years, haha.

Bergmama said...

What a beautiful post...Thanks for sharing.