Sunday, October 12, 2008


We went to see the movie FireProof today.

What a movie!  It spoke about marriage and commitment, and our relationship to Christ.  Kirk Cameron is in it.  And I will be completely honest with you that he's not my favorite actor, but he did an excellent job in this movie.  

The same people that did Facing the Giants made this movie, in fact many of the same actors are in it.  

Something I learned while watching the movie was that Kirk Cameron refused to do love scenes with the actress in the movie... not that there are many love scenes.  But there is a scene where you don't actually see their faces, but it's because his real life wife was in the place of the actress.  In a day when there is so much infidelity in marriage, especially in Hollywood, I found this amazing.  And pretty doggon refreshing.

Go see it.  And while you are at it rent Facing the Giants.... GOOD stuff

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Andrea said...

I told you Girl. That has got to be the best movie ever. I had goosebumps the whole time. But I didn't know that was his wife. She played in his Left Behind movies too. By the way, I know you love to read. I usually don't ever read fiction but have you ever read the Left Behind serious. Definetly will get "Facing the Giants". Also I am so happy you got to go out with hubby for a few hours. I am sure that was good for your soul.