Wednesday, October 15, 2008


is surgery day.


In all actuality it's all for the best, and we believe this will be the thing that may finally move us forward yet again, in a really big and good way.

We found out what we thought was going to be out patient isn't really, we have to stay over night. Good thing we found that out today so we could try to make arrangements for the other kids on Friday.

I do have to rant a moment though.  We live very near a prominent children's hospital and all of our docs are affiliated and in the same building.  All our specialists any way, and they have NO communication skills.  It's unbelievable to me that they just cannot talk to each other.  We had this same problem while we were inpatient before, with lack of communication and things getting done.  And even our main specialist is not great at relaying things to us even.  Lab results, issues that are arising that he fails to tell us ... one of our other specialist's called him a whiner.  We don't really have a choice in this though because they are the only ones close enough to get to.   I truly wonder what parents that don't have a clue...or a care, do about this mess?  Perhaps their children only see one specialist so their cases aren't complicated? 

I am not a doctor by any stretch of the word, and there is still so much that I am learning about everything, but there are things that to me are common sense that they just don't get.

We were supposed to have 2 specialists in the OR tomorrow to "kill 2 birds with 1 stone" but since they didn't talk to each other we don't know if one of them will be there as needed.  And there is a significant need for him to be there.  

We know all thing work for the good, and somehow this will all work as it's supposed to... I am just not sure if God is trying to get me to stand up more... or have more patience?  ;o)

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steffany said...

Okay, I need to back read. Who is going in for surgery?

I found your blog from Esperanza.
I adopted twins from Ethiopia-