Friday, December 31, 2010

New Beginnings... and a TON of firsts

Re-Married my favorite husband!

Had family pictures taken...

My Z turned 21!!!

We had 14 inches of snow!!!

Went to the Adoption Summit...
I turned 40!
We got to reconnect with some great people!!!
Met Steven Curtis Chapman!!!
Graduated from Preschool

Played Soccer
Graduated from Leadership college
Participated in baptism
Had my heart filled...broken...filled and broken again

Got to love on some of my favorite people

Today it the last day of 2010...

I have so many thoughts swirling...

Do you? Do you look back and reflect on the past year? Do you have regrets? Only joys? Probably a little of both...or perhaps you can look back on the year as I am and see only unbelieveable blessings.

There are things I wish I could change...things I would like to have done differently, however there are so so so many things that I see His hand in.

Not many days pass that I don't look to God and ask Him what I did to deserve such a life?

This coming year holds so much promise, so much joy and life... so much potential. Another mission trip, more children for us and several amazing friends, continued mission work, working with Project HOPEFUL.... so many opportunities...

What are you looking forward to this year?

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Old Hurts

Well, we didn't get out of the holidays without a little spat...

My dad and I have one of those relationships that are not always the happiest. We can get along as long as we don't have long periods of time together. I guess this holiday was too much together time. :)

It bothers me alot that we still have to have these issues. I mean I am a 40 yr old woman, I am a forgiven daughter of Christ, I know whose I am and I know that it's best to let certain things lie. I have worked hard on forgiving his abuse as a child...the verbal abuse has calmed some as I have grown...but mostly because I don't spend time with him unless I have's a constant battle though to forgive and forgive again.

What makes me sad is my kids. My kids who have a grandfather that isn't the kind like I have... my grandfather is the coolest man on earth! I think he's like the best thing since sliced bread. My father in law was that to my S LOVED her some papa... and he loved my kids. They could do no wrong, could have anything they wanted with reason and there was never a raised voice to them. Yet he's now gone and they are left with my dad.

Please don't get me wrong, I do not wish my father gone...just changed.

Yet, who am I to wish him changed? God loves him too. God loves his heart, and wishes the best for him too.

God sees the wounds that are caused...and he sees the wounds that caused his hurt as well.

I don't have a father that I can respect here on earth...but I have a heavenly father that is the best daddy ever! My kids are not shown the love they deserve by my earthly father, but I can help them see that their heavenly father is the best ever.

Every night before bed I ask them "Who is special?" They say "ME!" and I say "Why?" and they say "Because God made me that way!" then I ask them "Who loves you?" and they say "God! and mommy and daddy!" (and then N goes on to list everyone else in his

They ARE special... I AM special... my dad IS special.

Sometimes I just need a little reminder myself.

Monday, December 27, 2010

21 Years

That's how old my first born baby is today!

How did he get to be so old??? Cause I am so not old enough to have such a grown child! :)

So Happy Birthday to my first born. The one that started it all...
He's ridiculously smart, very handsome, sweet, has a bit of an ego, loves the Lord and is an all around really good guy! Now he just needs to find him a woman who can see all that and appreciate him! :)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas and Snow!!!

Christmas weekend... has been so much fun!

We made Gingerbread houses
Opened presents... E was so excited to get these from S!
woo hoo!! Money!
Not so woo hoo... Nerf Dart guns!
And went to Midnight service...lookin all pretty!
Played with legos...not sure about the angle....?
Had See-Food...
Looked all little brother
Took a nap and played new games

made funny faces

Sat in our new snuggie, with our new pillow pet playing our new game

11 inches at 130pm

14 inches total... and possibly more over night.

D and I were supposed to renew our wedding vows this morning, but the snow kind of put a damper on that... it's ok... we have been married this long, what's a couple more weeks to renew? :)

I got to video chat with my dear friends in Ethiopia on Christmas morning, and then got an amazing email from my other friend T who lives near Korah.

Seriously... SUCH a blessed weekend!!!