Monday, October 27, 2008


Today I take the boys to see the dentist.  
N isn't happy about it as he remembers having to have lots of work done.  But we have tried to assure him that it's really just a teeth cleaning today.

E however could have some issues.  I hate to have to take him, it would be great to give him some time off from docs, but he's got at least 2 teeth that are really bad... I can tell that and I am not a  

So say a little prayer for today, E hates having his teeth brushed so I am not sure how they will get their hands in that little mouth ;o)

EDIT:  YAY!!! Something was easy and relatively painless!!!  YAY again!  The 2 teeth I thought would have to go, did, and are gone.  They were so far gone they almost fell out in his hand.  E hated it, but it was over in like 2 minutes and out we went.  Now he's happily eating a popsicle. Thank you GOD!  And they don't need to see us for 6 months.  N's teeth were great as well.

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