Monday, June 30, 2008

Funny how God works

We are having a garage sale on Saturday to get some money together for our traveling expenses. It's funny because we have been praying for God's leading, for him to open doors or windows and show us the way.
Well, this garage sale has had things kind of petering in, but in the last couple of days I just kinda was like God, this is in your hands, do with it what you will.  You know what we need and what it will take.  Please bless this endeavor.  And in the last couple of days we have been given SO much!!! We have baby items, and furniture, and clothes, and exercise bikes... and so much more on the way.
He put into place an amazing person that will be traveling with us, and when D has to leave me, we will have each other, as it looks like her man may not be able to come.  
He is working out Daycare issues and monetary issues and showing us how He means this to be.

D and I are still overwhelmed with how fast this is coming, and how quickly it has all fallen into place.  We talked today about the fact that when God opens the doors we are to walk through them.  

We are walking scared but with confidence that God has this covered.

Can't wait to show off little E's picture tomorrow!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

NEW News!

So our court date was able to be moved up!  Praise God and YIKES at the same time.
July 1st is when it should be read in the courts in Addis, and if we pass he is officially ours!!! 

This means we have some choices in travel dates.  If we go earlier, we are in country for just over 2 weeks.  Well, I am in the country that long, D can't be gone that long so he would be there for the initial meeting and the official stuff and then leave to get home to his job and the kids.  

Then I would wait and stay for the remainder of the time and come home.  I will admit to being rather intimidated with spending the time there alone, and then traveling home alone.  Last time that flight home was when my stomach began some ugly rumblings and I don't know what I would have done without S and D with me.  The plus is that I would have a whole lot longer in the country to bond with E, than we did with N so I think that would be beneficial.
Plus I really just want to go get my hands on him!

The other option is to wait to travel until some of the other paperwork is done, we would be in the country about a week and a half and D could be with us the whole time. This puts traveling 2 weeks later though and I don't really want to wait 2 weeks to get to him.

We got a new picture of him and while he still looks SO sad, he's physically looking better, seems to be hanging in there and recuperating.  

Financially waiting those 2 weeks would be SO helpful.  But how do we weigh the financial part against the need to get our son?

We would appreciate prayers for our discernment and wisdom in this choice.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Birthday present!

We got news today that Little E is out of the hospital, he had sever Pneumonia and Anemia but that they were able to get rid of the pneumonia and change the meds that were giving him Anemia.
Praise God!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Little E

So tomorrow is his birthday.  He will be 3 yrs old.  How surreal is it to not be present for your son's birthday.  I wonder if he even knows it's his birthday?  Does he know he's 3?  Does he know we wish we were there with him?  Does he miss having a cake and candles?  Or would he just like to be home with us, in a family that loves him and cares for him forever.

We haven't had any court news or medical news since we heard he was sick.  I just pray that he feels an extra special HUGE flow of love for him tomorrow on his special day.  The day that signifies that he has made it yet another year in the life that's been a battle for him.  One that even at the age of 3 he's been winning with valiance and grace.  One that he didn't that shouldn't be so hard.  He should be looking forward to this day...thinking of the presents he may be getting, what kind of party his mom and dad are planning... how much cake he can eat.  

Oh Little E... Happy Birthday little man, mommy and daddy are sending you love and strength and hope.  We will see you soon and next year we will have one humdinger of a party!

Monday, June 23, 2008

more beach fun

 The family had such a blast at the beach this past week.  Here's one of N boogie boarding.  I am assured that he had a blast ...his face looks a bit terrified though. ;o) 
He LOVES digging in the sand and making castles and "meals" for us all.
He also got to touch a crab, and climb in a sharks mouth.  Could it get better?!


This past week I was reminded why life is good...better than good.

It had been a rough week, I was having weird moods and just plain feeling down.  And then D and I had a bit of a tiff... ok it was a big tiff... but one that had us both realizing some communication issues that we were having.  Some things we were taking for granted.  So over all it was a good argument.
Then on Thursday morning, as I was still trying to come to grips with some of those things I wish I could change about myself (you know the kind, why do I get jealous with no reason why am I so prideful and really why can't I just get in a good mood??!...blah blah blah), I got a text from Z.  It simply states "Hey I love you momma".  Ok well if that doesn't turn your frown upside down, I don't know what will.  I told him thank you and that those were words I needed to hear.  He then asked me if I wanted to go to lunch.  What an offer!  So I picked him up we went to a favorite Mediterranean place and have Shwarma's and stuffed grape leaves and hummus... YUM!  This kid gets my taste in food!  We had such a great time just laughing and talking and I got to listen to how excited he is about his work in church and the impact it's making on himself and those around him. Oh!  And HE paid.  The best! ;o)

Then that evening my D and I got to go out to dinner, just the 2 of us.  Again, such a nice time. We too laughed and talked and just enjoyed each other's company.  My D is one special man. Sometimes I don't tell him enough how much I appreciate him.  He's the guy that does anything for anyone.  He's the guy that stops and helps the person on the side of the road with the flat tire, he helps the guy that just passed out in line at the amusement park when everyone else just looks... he's the guy that acts first and then thinks.  The trait I love the most and dislike the most. ;o)  But I love that he's that guy that would come to your rescue when you need him, when no one else will.  He's the guy that after having 2 teenagers said, yes adoption, not once but twice.  The guy that never thought about having children.
And he's MY guy.  

Yes, I was reminded why I think my life is better than good.  God has blessed me beyond belief. Thanks God!

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Well, no new health news, but we feel again that no news is good news.  The bad seems to come pretty readily, but not the good.  I don't understand it, but I will take no news over the bad kind ANY day!

We got news that we have been given a court date in Ethiopia of July 16th.  We are still hoping for sooner, but this is about 3 1/2 weeks away, so at least it's not like in August or something.

So if we pass court the first time travel should be 4 - 6 weeks afterwards.  Seems like forever huh?  But at least we have a time frame now.  The lack of time frame was driving me nuts.  Well that and the fact that I want to get over there and get my son!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sick again

ugh... Little E is in the hospital again 
please pray for him!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


So this week we have learned that we may learn a court date soon. ;o)  That's the adoption system for you.  Actually our contact is working very hard to get our case expedited, and get little E home, but we can only go as quickly as the Ethiopian courts will go, and they are pretty back logged.

A dear traveler has sent a a few notes about him from her visit there this week.  She gave a precious piece of information... he likes cashews and almonds but not m&m's.  Isn't it funny, the little things that make you joyful?  This gives us a leg up for when we meet him. CAN'T wait!!!

D has been off this week with his family who are visiting.  I am very bummed about the things that I am missing N do.  They have gone Putt Putt, and N made a hole in 1!!!!  Maybe he's the next Tiger Woods... and will also win a few US Open's? ;o)  He has also been boogie boarding!  I have missed it!  As blessed as I feel to have a job that provides for our family, I hate that I have to miss these things!  Tomorrow they are going to a marine museum....ugh!!! I will miss that too.  What I miss most is his little face, and the complete joy he gets out of things... his laughter and excitement... priceless.

I did NOT however miss his very first "dance" recital. He had that this evening.  What fun!  He did a great job for being such a tired little man (after his full day at the beach with no nap).  He followed the moves and smiled, and just was too cute for words.  My favorite part was when he leaned over to his friend and said "Hey! My whole family is here!" 
Yep there we were front row, cheering the loudest and proudest.

We have already hung his medal in his room and placed his certificate on the wall.
So fun!

Saturday, June 14, 2008


So... Z has finally made it!  He's a graduate!  I cannot believe I have a child old enough to have graduated.  He graduated with honors with an advanced diploma and a special seal.
It was a wonderful ceremony, and then we had a great cookout here afterwards with both sides of the family.  His dad and wife, and their families came... it was really a good time. 
Handsome isn't he??!! 

Another crazy week!

What a week!  
Wednesday mom and I drove about 6 hours for the 90th birthday dinner with my grandfather.  SO worth it.  
He is in the best health of any 90 yr old I know... of course I don't know too many 90 yr olds.  We had a wonderful time.  My aunt brought a photo album of pics from when he was a little guy, just a baby, then a handsome teenager... he sure was a hottie. ;o)

Dinner was great but I ended up sitting next to my cousins boyfriend.  He's a nice enough guy, but a pompous you-know-what.  We ended up in a conversation about HIV/AIDS in Africa and pharmaceutical companies.  He tried to tell me that pharmaceutical companies are just like table or chair makers, and have a responsibility to make a profit and take care of their share holders.  They can't just give away medicines to people because they are dying.  And his company makes 30k pace makers that may help a 10 yr old in Alabama, but they just can't give them away.  I cannot tell you how infuriated I was... I eventually just told him he was full of s*%& and to stop talking.  Take his excuses and go tell the mother in Africa that is holding her dying child, or the 4 yr old that is watching their mother die.   My mother at the other end of the table asked if we needed to be moved.  Since I was sitting next to my grandfather on the other side, I decided this could was his party and I wasn't going to let this arrogant twit ruin it.

We drove home Thursday, which was D and I's 15 yr anniversary.  We had our carpets cleaned and went to dinner with the kids. lol... dinner's recently have been interesting.  We ended up at a table that had apparently never been out in public to learn manners. They literally sat turned in their seats staring at us.  I have become totally used to people looking, but outright rudeness drives me nuts.  I mean sheesh... 

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

First Love

Tomorrow is my grandfather's 90th birthday!!!

He is my first and best love.  The most amazing man I know... apart from my husband...of course. ;o)

He is the most intelligent man you will ever meet, but he's not over bearing.  My best memories are of him in the kitchen hum/singing some tune.  It was a song that he would add nonsense words to and make his own.  He LOVES opera and classical music.  He would turn on his Bose radio in the kitchen and blast it all over the house.  Or as times got more advanced he puts on a CD and blasts that.  I am not sure he ever sleeps more than a cat nap at a time.
He's the consummate gentleman.  When my grandmother had a stroke while they were visiting us on vacation, he would put on his suit coat and bow tie so that he was presentable in the hospital.  I have never seen a more handsome man.  They have been married more than 60 years...and he is still in love.

He is a master gardener, and STILL goes in his garden almost every day and grows his own veggies, and fruit.  

I have never called him grandpa, it's always been dad...because he's the best there is.

He is handsome and kind, he's smart and funny, he's a gentleman AND a scholar.  He's my grandfather... he's my hero and my first love.  How lucky am I to have him in my life???  The luckiest!

Happy birthday Dad! 

Saturday, June 7, 2008

The beach

Today was HOT HOT HOT so ... we went to the beach.  N is LOVES the beach, he's a fish with no fear so our eyes never left him.  He crashed on the way home and will sleep GOOOOOOd tonight ;o)


So we finally got some news on Little E!

He has received his package that lets him know he has a family!!!  YAY!  They say he was very happy to receive it.  ok so it's not like they would say he was made and threw it on the ground or  But we have prayed that he would find comfort and hope in it... so we will continue praying that for him.

We also received the picture of him holding it.  My goodness his illness has taken a toll on his skin.  Poor little guy looks so uncomfortable. It's hard to describe how it feels to look at him.  I see past what looks so bad and see this amazing beautiful child.  But I think of the other children and just pray that aren't being unkind to him.  We have been told that he is so shy and quiet, that to have that appearance can't make him feel comfortable.  I just want to reach out and pull him into my arms and hold him and whisper he is beautiful, he is wonderful, and he is perfect... that he is loved not only by us but more importantly by God.
We cannot wait to get him home.

We also received news that they are working hard on the paperwork to get him home quickly. There are extra reports and medical things they have to do, but they are working hard and diligently to make that happen.   Thank you God!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


N just makes me laugh!
Here's an example of a conversation tonight:

N: Mom there's a bug.
Me: (going to investigate a TINY spider) It's ok buddy it's just little.
N: And I am big?
Me: Yep
N: So it won't eat me?
Me: Nope (trying hard not to laugh)
N:Mom, is it a boy or a girl?
Me: Um I don't know buddy, it's too small to tell.
Another pause....
N: MOM! It's a girl!
Me: Really? How do you know that?
N: Because it has Hair! (insert silent DUH! and rolled eyes, I am already the dumb mom and he's only 3!!!)

How do you argue with 3 yr old logic?

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Gloriously ruined...

So I told you about this book I began reading, Dangerous Surrender by Kay Warren.  I am usually a very quick reader, but this is a book I can't read quickly.  Kind of like There is No Me Without You... can only take pieces because it's so raw.

I just finished reading chapter 3 entitled: Gloriously Ruined.  good grief!  If I were an author I could have written this chapter, there are words she writes that I have actually said, and some I have only thought.  She talks about her first trip to Africa and meeting HIV+ men, women and children.  She tells of a mother that when asked how she can be prayed for doesn't say, "Heal me, or feed me"  She asks for prayers for her children, the ones that will be left behind and left with the stigma...even if they do not have HIV themselves.  

She speaks of how she came home to the US and couldn't reconcile live as she knew it... and life as it is.  

Who is this woman that can speak the words of my mind so clearly though we have never met?

I do look forward to reading more perhaps she and God can help shed some light on how I channel the feelings that have not left since our trip to Ethiopia, and those that I know will resurface or become stronger when we go to pick up E.

Sunday, June 1, 2008


We found out this weekend that we may be heading in to the Ethiopian courts on Monday!!! 
Quick Edit:  We were only actually submitted, not heard yet, but they are hoping for a quick hearing.  The next step is travel!! 

Can I just tell you how much I love our agency and especially our contact!  AMAZING!!!

We are so thankful that things have been moving forward so quickly, especially with E being so sick recently.  
The other awesome news is that he should be getting his welcome to the family package today or tomorrow!  Oh I cannot wait to see/hear of his reaction!!!   In a matter of hours he will know that he has a family here waiting for him. One that has been praying for him daily and wishing for him to come home soon.

We're comin' Little E!!!!

Another great weekend

D and I will be celebrating 15 yrs of marriage on June 12th.  So we decided to take a trip.  

The thing is that on Friday June the 13th Z will be graduating and on Saturday the 14th we are having a family fun day to help raise some money to off set travel fees to pick up Little E. (more on that later)

We decided this would be a great weekend to travel. 

We didn't travel far, just up the road to Williamsburg but it was a great time.
We left Friday and made it in time to have dinner and walk around an outlet mall.  LOVE outlets, killer deals.  We found a pair of Van's for N that were only 5.00.  

Saturday we walked around more shops.  We visited a place called the Pottery Factory.  In it's hay day it used to have tons of shops, anything from pottery (of course) to rugs, to cutlery to nicknack's.  We went there on our way back from our honeymoon 15 yrs ago so it was kind of fun to check it out again.  Well it was fun until we walked in.  It's almost all gone, and just looks like a ghost town now.  We were able to fun a pot in one store that we had been looking for and it was at a bargain as well. So there was a plus.

Then we went on to down town Williamsburg to enjoy the walk, see the sidewalk sales and just enjoy the history.   We made dinner reservations at a place called Berret's.  It was excellent. We both ordered the same dinner.  1/2 pound crab cakes on sweet potato pecan bread with maple syrup and bacon.  Oh my goodness!  De - lish!!!!!

We then got to go to the Yankee Candle outlet.  It's HUGE and has a winter wonderland area where it snows every 2 minutes or something.  Pretty cool since it was like 85 degrees outside.
Sunday we decided to go to Busch Gardens. At this point though we had become an old married couple missing their kids.  So we stayed for about 2 hours, rode some roller coasters and came home.  

It was a wonderful time away to enjoy each other, but we really found that we missed home, and the kids.