Thursday, October 30, 2008

A new day

Yesterday was just one of those days.

Last night I was reminded yet again why I am so blessed to be married to the man that I am.  
I was having a bit of a pity party, I had just bathed and cleaned E's belly "hole" applied the necessary medicines to help it heal, with the help of S (takes at least 2 to hold him down).  Also SO blessed to have her as a daughter!!! The boys were asleep and D came home from his bible study and I just collapsed into his arms.  ugh... oh whine whine whine... lol

And he reminded me that we were on the home stretch here, that were seeing lights at the end of our tunnel.  That there are times when this all seems just so overwhelming and impossible, but this is what God called us to do.  He sent us to ET to pick up this precious child and bring him home to his family to love and care for... no matter what that care looked like.

He reminded me YET AGAIN that we aren't alone, that we are covered by God and the prayers of others.  And that we would get through this together and with God. 

He's a pretty amazing guy!!

Then today as I played with E was awed at what a gift he is.  How sweet and strong and loving he is.  How he's been through some unspeakable sorrow, yet is still able to love us.  Today I think he got the concept that he is daddy and mommy's baby.  I was carrying him like a baby and he said, "E, baby?" I said yes "E is mommy and daddy's baby"  So he just kept repeating that back to me.  I was holding him to help him fall asleep for nap, and kissing his hand and the biggest grin came over his face and he cupped my cheek in his other hand.  He is a blessing. We wouldn't have known his love had we not brought him home.  N would not have known the love that he shares with his brother, had we not brought him here.  The boys hug each other all the time then chase each other around the  but they are brothers.  What a gift!

Thank you God!

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Andrea said...

So happy for you that your husband is so amazing and rescued your day!!