Monday, September 29, 2008

toddlers continued

lol, so the honeymoon, happy week is gone. ;o)

We have decided that we are no longer happy with the world, and that we don't need to listen to anything mommy or daddy say.

What fun! ;o)  NOT.

I think perhaps I spoke to soon in saying he was a happy boy again.  
I know this is all part of the 'plan', the adoption roller coaster, this little dude has been through a ton and he has things he still feels like he has to control.  The unfortunate thing is that some of them are things he just can't, and we have to assert some boundaries.  It's tough for a little guy to get that.  

So say a little prayer for both Little E and mommy that we can navigate these difficult times and the good that comes with them.


KelseyChristine said...

oh toddlers...!! i'll be praying for little E :)

Matthew and Amanda said...

Yeah, it's not easy learning no means no! Good luck!!


PS - Love the new look of the blog

Bergmama said...

Still been praying for you and E.