Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Honey!

Today is my most amazing husband's birthday. He's 41 yrs old today. Where has the time gone? I realized when looking for pictures of him that I don't have enough of them. I will have to work on that :o)
Happy Birthday to my very best friend, love and sould mate. You complete me! ;o)

As you can tell he likes to have his shirt I don't mind either

Monday, March 29, 2010



It's the only way I know how to describe what I am feeling right now. I am full.

Full of excitement.
Full of anticipation.
Full of anxiety in leaving my family.
Full of God's amazing blessings.
Full of apprehension and excitement mixed together in all that we will be seeing while in Ethiopia.

Sunday our mission team was commissioned in church and prayed over. We all stood in the front while the rest of the church either laid hands or extended them from where they were and prayed over us. What an indescribable feeling of power and Grace God flowed into us.

Later in the day my dad called to say that while he was laying down for his nap he felt the leading that he should give enough money to cover 3 houses in the village we will be visiting. I can hardly type that without weeping. If you knew my's huge! It's not a huge amount of money in the scheme of life(and money is something he's not hurting for), but it's huge in and of itself.

Our itinerary keeps changing, but it's not a bad thing. So many new blessings seem to be added.

I wish I could put into words the ways God is molding and changing my heart through this whole experience. I have even been having chest Pray for that please. :o)

I will post what I know to be our itinerary before we go if you would like to be able to pray specifically for our daily activities.

God is Good. He's amazing. He's FULL!

Sunday, March 28, 2010


This has been a great weekend.
God has shown himself in so many amazing ways.
S went for her driving test on Saturday morning. She is now a licensed driver. So if you are in our area make sure you keep an eye out. ;o) Actually her driving teacher was very impressed with S's skill.
Later Saturday we went to N's first soccer game. Oh my goodness... March's wind was blowing full force and it was coooooollllldddd. But we had fun.
Soccer sure has changed from when my older 2 played. Here they now play 3 on 3, no goalies and no refs. The coaches are ref's and every one wins.
It was fun, and interesting at the same time. Had to remind N a million times not to touch the He had a blast.

N and Sami kicked a ball around trying to stay warm.

No those are not regulation soccer shorts. We are goofy parents and didn't try his soccer shorts on before the morning of the game. They didn't fit, they were more like
Trying to stay warm...being a little silly.
He was just practicing...look how tiny the goals are.

Race day stuff. I know it's a little late and yes I am aware that you can see Don's name on but I am just so proud of us I wanted to share.
My mom made up this tank for me. Isn't it great?! The funny thing I have noticed about races is the shirts people wear. People wear all kinds of things, and lots of them wear shirts that say fun stuff. I guess they figure they will have someone behind them for a while, might as well give them something to read? I saw all kinds of things. People really loved this tank. :o) In my little 'pack' was a young girl with a shirt that said "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" Every time she passed I would repeat that in my head over and over. Towards the last couple of miles she said to me that she loved seeing "mom and dad" pass by. It gave her strength and she felt her mom and dad cheering her on. I told her the same about her shirt. :o) It was fun.
Here are my sponsors. Thank you all!!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Crazy? Love...

I read a fantastic blog called A Place Called Simplicity.

This post is about Crazy Love. About sharing our needs...desires...hopes with others and allowing us to be blessings to each other. I love the idea.

Part of the request in the post is to share a little about our lives and our needs.
The first question was, do we tithe? We do, but honestly we don't tithe 10% of our money. I think we try to justify it with the fact that we tithe at least 20% of our time though :o) God's been working in our hearts here.

The next question was what church we attend and if we are involved. That one is much easier to answer. We attend Virginia Beach United Methodist church. We are both involved. D is the Sunday school teacher for the 3 and 4 yr olds, is on the Administrative board and attends a Men's bible fellowship. I am co-leading the mission team to Ethiopia (which has been a full time job) and I am the Vice Chair of the mission committee.

Our need.... my need....and as I read it, wonder how selfish it is.
But I ache for another child. We have 2 bio, 2 adopted from Ethiopia. My arms ache for another one. My dear hubby is not on board with me yet. He say's he's waiting for his 'burning bush' ... I know that a large part of his concern is the expense of adoption. If that was not a factor we would be bringing home another sweet soul to a forever home.

Thank you Linny for your prayers and this crazy idea! :o)


What does the word "Friendship" mean to you?

Do you have a best friend?

Is it your husband? Your neighbor? The person you can call at any time day or night? Are they in your city or across the country? Perhaps across the world?

I have been thinking alot about friendships and what God is trying to teach me in my life right now.

My husband is my first and best friend. He knows everything about me and loves me anyway. He's a guy though, and you know how guys can be...they just don't understand some of those chick things like purses and shoes, and girl things. He will listen and support me in whatever I want...usually :o) (still working on the adoption thing) but it's not the same as having a good girl friend to talk to. Ya know?

I have been thinking alot about the mission trip I have coming up and have been praying for God's provision. I love each of my team mates, truly I do. However, I don't have a 'best' friend coming along. I don't have a person that I feel like when I have to make my frustrated face at, or the person to set me straight, or hold my hand when I cry.... This morning I was talking to my friend Laurie and she said to me that perhaps this was God's way of telling me that He wants to be my friend. He wants to be the one that I make faces at, or voice my frustrations to, or hold me when I cry.

I recently started reading Beth Moore's So Long Insecurity. It's a great book, but it does make you look at parts about your self that are uncomfortable. God has healed so many of my insecurities already. Truly He has worked some miracles in my life! I do still find myself getting caught in the trap of feeling lost and alone. A friend doesn't call and I take it personally, I send a text that isn't returned, I make a gesture that isn't returned, I don't have 100 followers on my blog...LOL... then I am reminded that I don't always return phone calls or texts and it's not because I don't love the person. I can't live my life expecting other's to make me happy, WAY too much pressure for the others! :o) I sure don't want that kind of pressure placed on me for heaven's sake. :o)

I do often wonder why God has chosen to put my closest friends across the country. But then I figure it's part of His plan to make me realize that He's to be my closest friend, my support, my rock, my everything. I still love those friends so very much...and God has blessed me richly with them...but He needs to be my rock and my portion. I pray for His strength to remember that in the days that I miss them and their companionship so much.

I pray He is your best friend today too.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Better than good day

You know?.... today is been a better than good day.

Life just feels really good today.

It's less than 2 weeks until we leave for Ethiopia. God has provided for every need. He is even providing more than expected. Remember when I posted about this exciting news? Well I decided to ask people if they would be willing to help fund some of the flour or even funds for a house in this village. Well, guess what?! They are stepping forward. I even went to my work place, asked my boss, then sent an email out asking if they would be willing to donate. Today, the day after asking, I have 240.00!! That's huge considering I just asked yesterday. Even one of my VP's came to me with 100 of those dollars! I work in a big corporation... so that's kinda huge! :o) YAY GOD!

I found out today that it's being worked out that I may be able to meet E's birth family while in ET as well. We were in and out of ET so quickly with him that we weren't able to make it happen while we were there to pick him up. I can't tell you how happy it makes me!!! And a little apprehensive... not sure what to expect. Can't share more, but it has potential to be really hard. I am trusting God with it.

We have been having a huge out pouring of support in the way of supplies as well. Oh man the luggage will be poppin'!

N started Soccer practice on Monday and has his first game on Saturday. It's the perfect sport for him. :o) He's also learning to ride a 2 wheeler! SO wish I had a video camera. He is having a hard time keeping his feet going without wiggling his butt, and looking at all the shiny things he passes as he rides by. At least he gets up and brushes himself off every time he falls. He's also kind of evened out at school. We have good days and bad days... they are what they are. :o)

E has started speech class twice a week through the school system and he's doing great. He was also tested for allergies on Monday. He's allergic to a bunch... poor little guy. We have a plan of action though and he's such a trooper. He just goes along with it.

S started driving school on Monday. If you live in the area, watch out for them. :o) She's actually a great driver so I don't really have any worries. Other than the other kids in her car that she keeps telling me about. yikes!

And today is my BFF's birthday. :o)

And another dear friend mentioned coming to visit on my birthday. Even if it doesn't come to fruition it would be so grand to even consider. :o)

Hey I know! Let's have an East Coast meeting of Blog Friends for my 40th! What a grand time that would be. Come on out to the beach ya'll! We will make room. :o)

So much good in my day... God is showing me His Glory in the little things. Praise His name!

Monday, March 22, 2010

I did it!!!

I finished a 1/2 Marathon!!....barely :o)

I don't really have pics to share because we didn't bring our camera. Figured it would be a pain to try to carry with us for a full 13 miles. We were right.

So the morning was pretty cold. The race started at 7am and was down at the VA Beach ocean front. We jumped out of bed at about 5:30 and through on our clothing. I got a brush through my hair and across my teeth and off we went.

There was a surprising amount of people on the road for 6am on a Saturday morning until we realized they were all going the same place we were.

There were 6030 people in the race, or at least that finished. There was a full marathon going on at the same time. It was pretty crazy.

D went up to his corral. He's way faster than me, and I hung back in mine. He kept asking me if I wanted him to run me. I just wanted to put my ipod in and go at my own pace, I knew it was the only way I was going to finish. And he had a goal of finishing it in 2 hours, which he missed by only 9 minutes. Pretty awesome I would say since we haven't been training all that much!

The race was actually along a really beautiful area. I stayed with the same pack of people for most of the race. It's fun to see all the different t-shirt's that people wear, and costumes since the Shamrock race. One girl had on a shirt that's back read "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" Every time she passed me I would repeat it in my head. :o) I loved her shirt!!

There were a ton of water and Gatorade stops. And even a beer stop or 2... CRAZY. Who wants beer when they are running 13 miles? Apparently lots of people...not me!

At about mile 4 I was thinking I was going to be hard pressed to finish.

At mile 7 I was pretty excited because I had gone farther than ever and I didn't feel too badly.

By mile 10 I was over partly because I thought I had already passed mile marker 10 and was bummed to think I had that much farther to go.

It came down to the last blocks on the board walk. The sun was shining there were a ton of people and the end was literally in sight. My legs were SCREAMING at me and my heart was pounding.

I had about 6 blocks to go when I kind of pooped out and started walking. I had actually run most of the way. A young lady that had been in my 'pack' came past me, and said "Come on momma lets go, don't stop now!" So I paced with her to the end. We came within yards of the end... I saw D's face just over the line... I pushed the last couple of feet with oomph then collapsed into his arms in tears.

I did it! I did it! A whole friggin half marathon!!! In just over 3 hours. Yep I am slow, but I finished!!

I came home and felt like someone had drained every last piece of energy from my body. :o)

It's something I never thought I would or could do. I would love to do another, but this time I will sure train better! :o) There's a half near my 4oth birthday... maybe I will do that one.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Shamrock 1/2 Marathon the morning.
Say a prayer or 2 ...or 3. :o)

I will post some pics and an update later.

Praying I finish the WHOLE thing!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Ophan Summit VI

With Haiti’s earthquake drawing global focus to the plight of orphans, Christians from across America and beyond will gather in Minneapolis, MN, for the Christian Alliance for Orphans’ Summit VI on April 29-30, 2010. The objective: to inspire and equip Christians to “care for orphans in their distress” through adoption, foster care and global orphan care ministry rooted in the local church.

What you can look forward to:

· Featured speakers will include national champions of orphan care and adoption, including John Piper, Mary Beth Chapman, Tom Davis, Doug Sauder, Stephanie Fast, Jedd Medefind, and Al Mohler. Compelling voices from the global church will join as well, from Africa to Central America.

· Music will be led by Steven Curtis Chapman, Peder Eide, Desperation Band and other artists.

· More than 50 workshops delivering nuts-and-bolts for adoption, foster care and global orphan programs – designed for both laypersons and leadership

Orphan care resources for church ministries, as well as personal orphan care and adoption journeysBreakouts will also include 5 “Hague Hour” Credits for Adoptive Families.

Q&A sessions and networking opportunities with respected adoption, global orphan and foster care organizations and veteran ministry leaders.For Christians stirred by the plight of orphans, Summit offers the biggest and best opportunity of the year to learn how to act upon conviction.

To learn more and register now, visit the Summit website here.

A taste of breakout topics:

· Haiti and the Local Church: What’s Next?
· Bridging the Great Divide: Building Positive Relationships Between Church Ministries and Government
· Understanding Childhood Development of Overseas Orphans
· A Lifelong Love: Keeping the Gospel at the Center of Orphan Ministry
· Church-Based Orphan Ministry 101
· Fundraising for Orphan Ministry
· Starting in the Right Direction: Helping Pre-Adoptive Couples Make Sound Decisions
· Now What? Helping Children Age Out of Foster Care
· The Financial Challenge of Adoption and How the Local Church Can Respond
· Engaging Church Leadership
· A Child’s Journey Through the Foster Care System
· How Does It Work? Models of Global Orphan Ministry Based in US Churches · Practical Ideas of Orphan-Focused Events
· Understanding HIV/AIDS and the Orphan

And many more…

And there’s more!

Five sessions will provide pre-adoptive families with needed Hague credits.
· Adoption and Orphans: Becoming a Multicultural/Multiracial Family
· Adoption and Orphans: Attachment and Trauma (Part I and II)
· Adoption and Orphans: Grief and Loss
· Adoption and Orphans: Acclimating to a New Family Member

“American Christians are stirring to the needs of orphans both at home and abroad as never before. What’s thrilling is that even small ministries in local churches can make such significant impact. There are millions of parentless children worldwide, but a single statistic matters more than any other: it only takes one caring adult to make a lifelong difference in the life of an orphan.”

- Jedd Medefind, President, Christian Alliance for Orphans

Exciting news!!!

I got word from our contact in Ethiopia that we will get to work in a little village outside of Adama that has 80 families that have converted from Islam to Christianity.

They are a people that have basically nothing physically but have a joy that has touched the team like no other.

We will meet with their elders and pray with them. We are currently working on getting money together to take flour and soccer balls to the village. I am also hoping we can raise enough money to help build at least one house ... each house is 300.00. Ok wrap your head around that one! 300.00 for a home!! Can you believe that?! Since we don't have alot of time I am not sure we will have enough for more than that now, but I am praying for God's provision for at least one home.

The team had our last 'official' meeting last night. Oh my goodness people, it's coming... really coming! :o)

We have been working on the last minute details, money details and other issues. :o) Pray for our team and the different personalities.

Here is a link to the blog that is documenting their time there

Thank you for your prayers we are all excited and loving the way the Lord is providing for each piece that we need.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Update on 40 in 40

Well, I figured since I told you all here that I would be doing this, that I would update the progress every once in a while.

It's -

I was doing well with getting up and exercising, then my human-ness jumped up and took over and I slept in a couple of days then we had some pot luck lunches here at work...with Macaroni and cheese! :o( Bad ... Bad ... Macaroni and Cheese!

I did lose 4 lbs, but then put back on 2. bummer!

So this week I renewed my vow with God. This is a journey. One that I see being several steps forward and backward. Sort of like a dance. Perhaps if I keep dancing that will help the weight come off? :o) A girl can dream right?

This week I have been getting up early and working out. Then running in the evening getting ready for the race this weekend. I am SO not ready for it. But I am determined to get it finished!

I have worked off another pound, and have been way better about eating. Eating enough to cover the working, but enough to lose some weight in the process. :o)

I went shopping Sunday at the local thrift stores to get some clothing for the trip. I have to tone up a few places before I can wear some of the pants to so that's what I am working on. :o) I still have a little over 2 weeks. Not a ton of time, but I know from experience my body is better at dropping inches than it is weight. I know that doesn't seem to make sense, but it's the truth. :o) When I was on Weight Watchers a couple of years ago I hit a plateau in weight loss that was very frustrating, but the inches were dropping like crazy.

Maybe I will make this challenge the 40 lbs or 40 inches by 40? :o) I think I will! It's my challenge right?

So there you have it. I am plugging along, not giving up. I have been faithful to my scripture reading and prayer time. :o) That part has been awesome.

Thank you for the prayers! Keep them up!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Can't be so....

Yesterday on the way to church this was the conversation:

N : I love you momma!

Me: I love you too N!

N: I love you more!

Me: No way I love you the most!

N: Can't be so!

Me........... lol ....... "Can't be so?"
Where does he come up with this stuff? :o)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring time and other random stuff

It's a beautiful Spring day here at the beach! :o)

How come grass is growing out of the driveway mom?A boy in motion...always in motion. :o)

Watch out daddy
Perfect form...

Shirts from our friends at YWAM, the whole team has one. Aren't they great?! I have no idea what the back says... I am sure it's something good? :o)

My boys at quiet time. Cute huh?

Friday, March 12, 2010

God's Timing

God's Timing is one of those phrases that just sort of sits out there and doesn't really say much...yet says it all.

It's either said by people waiting for something ....or people that have waited through it and can look back at how He orchestrated things.

I personally prefer to be the person that is looking back at what He's done instead of the one waiting.

Any one else feel that way?

I have seen at least a million (ok maybe an exaggeration) maybe a thousand times ... the way God has planned things and orchestrated the perfect plan.

If we had been able to adopt when we first wanted to way back in 2005 we would not have N.
If we had moved forward with the children we initially thought were ours we would not have E.
If we had not moved to the church we are in, when we did, I would not be leaving in less than a month for this mission team.
If I hadn't been talking to one of the members of the team on just the night that another dropped off he would not be on the team.
If I had not been in that bar 17 yrs ago on just that night I would not be married to the best man ever. (ok so being in the bar wasn't so great...but it sure ended up great!)

This blog isn't long enough to share all the ways I have seen Him work things out in His time.

Some of them I still don't understand.

And I still completely stink at waiting.... I guess you could just call me an Israelite...wandering in the desert. Seeing how God works...and still wanting more. Oh me of little faith. :o)

Mac Powell on Adoption... LOVE IT!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Yard Sale pictures...

Check out our mission team blog for some fun pictures from our yard sale this past weekend. I think you will be able to tell how very cold we were...but that we sure had a blast!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

You are for me

Proud momma moment

This morning the phone rang, the caller ID said GR High School.

Concerned, I answered.

S was on the other end exclaiming:
"MOMMA! I got my progress report this morning and I have straight A's and a C!"

The C is in Trig, I can forgive that one I failed it in high school (too busy passing notes to listen) :o)

Love that my 16 yr old wanted to call her mom from school to tell me.

YAY S! You rock girl!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Crazy Emotional

So honestly I have been so crazy emotional about our upcoming trip.

It's so different than what I felt when we were getting ready to go get our boys. With the boys I had D with me, I had some inkling (is that how you spell that?) of what to expect. I only had D and I to worry about, other than our new addition.

I have not forgotten how hard and scary the trip for E was, but this is different.

I can't really pin point what the emotions are.... fear, excitement, joy, trepidation, many different feelings.

I feel like I am going to forget something huge, or say something wrong, or not say something right.

I am not usually so 'lost' as to what to do with myself.

What I think I fear the most is the feeling that I am not doing enough. I ALREADY feel like there is more that I should, could be doing... what happens when I get over there and get even more convicted? Will God show me what to do? Will He open a door I hadn't seen before? Will He tell me to just come home and love my own family better? (I already need to do that one)

**Went to take a walk while writing this and had a conversation with my mom**

A little background with mom...
A while ago I sent her a copy of our agency newsletter because a picture of E was in it. There is also a picture of a little boy named Biruk in it. We met him in ET when we were picking up E. He came running to us as soon as we walked into the Layla compound asking "Are you his new parents? Are you taking him home?" Biruk is sweet, loving, engaging and and 10 yrs old. He sat with us while we ate lunch and helped to feed E. Biruk has stolen my mother's heart. She keeps asking about him. She's no longer of the adopting age, not that she would at this point, but she's taken with him.

She and I talked about the upcoming trip, about my emotions and hers. I asked her if she would come with me on the trip way back when I started the process. She said no. She knew she would not be able to 'deal'. And she still feels that way.

I don't condemn her for that at all. I think there are so many people that can't 'deal' with the hurt of the world. They feel it already and can't push past that part of them that just can't do more physically. The thing about my mom is that she does so much here to help those that she can't touch in person. She feeds the homeless, she organizes food pantries, she works with the women of her church to put together food packets for the United Methodist Church. She supports my efforts with love, presence and money. She can't come along but she can do everything in her power to support me and the children of Ethiopia from where she is.

She asked me to take Biruk a gift. I don't know that I can. But I will try.

The thing that hurts my heart I guess is that there are SO many "Biruk's" out there. I told her that I wasn't sure I would make it to Layla while there this time, but that I knew I would find some new faces and hearts to love while I am there.

So as I got off the phone with her, I was still crazy emotional. Still wondering what God has planned, what He is going to show me.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday... lesson Saturday

Today has been a looooooong day. :o)

Today was one of those days of lesson's and a slip up or

Had to be up so very early this morning to get started on our last fundraiser of the year for our ET trip! It dawned beautiful and sunny.....and COLD AND WINDY! It was 46 degrees and the wind was kickin! Didn't dampen our spirits or stop people from coming to the sale.

We had a lot of stuff, but I wouldn't say it was more than any other yard sale really. We were in a great spot though. I forgot my camera...duh...but a team member took some pics and will post them to the Mission Blog when he does I will share the link.

Our team is one funny bunch, let me tell you. Wait till you see the pics, you will see what I mean. :o) Good stuff.

So we advertised the sale as a Name Your Own Price Yard sale. It was a true leap of faith, and in some cases hard to swallow. Honestly it was a test of our faith that God would and could provide. I tried not to pay attention to what people paid for stuff, and tried not to worry when it was for less that I thought.

One slip up came when a lady brought me a dollar for an item that would have sold for at least 25.00 elsewhere. I looked at her and said "A dollar?" I knew when it came out that I should have just kept it closed, but she then took out a wad of 5's and 10's and gave me a 5 instead. Then said she was going to buy it for what she would have sold it for..... "um yeah sure lady" ok, yes I will be praying for forgiveness over that thought. No I didn't actually say that part to People got really great deals. Some better than others.

Most people were great and supportive and probably paid more than they would have any where else.

Another lesson was the guy that pulled up and looked like he was in a gang, actually kind of scary looking. As I was watching him I thought to myself this is going to be a guy that's going to surprise me....just because of my very first impression. He did. In a good way. He gave us a 20 for something way not worth 20.00. :o)

We ended up with just over 600.00 for the day. We needed about 1500.00. I still want to tell the church we don't need their last 1500.00 they have pledged. I am praying for God to be glorified in whatever comes our way. I know He's got our team and this mission in His hands!

After the sale I came home and took a nap with the boys while attempting to thaw out some.

Tonight was the youth talent show and silent auction at the church. That was great fun. Good food, good company, some amazing talent and a good cause. The senior high youth are going to the Dominican Republic this summer on a mission trip. S will be going. She is so excited!

We bid on a couple of things, but only won one of them. It was 6 sessions with a personal trainer! YAY! :o) For 11.00! YAY me! :o)

God has used today to show me once again how to trust him. How not to judge a book by it's cover, and that He's put together a great team of great people. Looking forward to our trip in 28 days!!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Loaves and Fishes

No 'Loaves and Fishes' is not the name of my new diet plan.

It's my mantra as we prepare for our last fund raiser for the mission trip. It's tomorrow. We are having a 'Name your own price' yard sale. We are allowing people to make their own price on all items and pray that they are generous. Will you pray with us? :o)

I also think of Loaves and Fishes when I think of the way that the donations are pouring into our mission team! We have a TON of toothbrushes and toothpaste. We also have a bunch of candy...seems counter productive doesn't it? ;o) E's school is collecting candy for us. We are also collecting formula and care packet items. We may need an extra luggage allowance.

We are working on last minute VBS activities and then we are set. It's 30 days away! Oh my goodness! 30 days!!! Woo hoo!!!

So now you ask how is my goal tending going? Well thank you for asking!

The verses I am using today are:
Take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ. 2 Cor 10:5
Lord, when you bring this captive completely back to you, I will be like those who dream! My mouth will be filled with laughter and my tongue with songs of joy! The Lord has done great things for me and I am filled with joy! Ps 126:1-3

I have been doing really well with the eating portion of this new goal. I am surprisingly not as hungry as usual. I am eating good stuff, and watching portions. I feel really good about that part. I do have to watch when I get hungry in the evening because I am not really hungry, I just feel like I have to eat. It's weird. So I am trying to take those thoughts captive.

The other night I did give in and have some Oreo's. Honestly I LOVE Oreo's, but the other night I just didn't enjoy them. They just weren't good. I was actually kind of excited about that! ;o)

I did run into a bit of a SNAFU I forgot to take my thyroid medication 2 days in a row, that spells couldn't figure out why I was so run down and tired. Then I looked at my pills and said "DUH!" ;o) oops. So I missed a day of working out. I have been getting up at 5:15am to work out every other day though, and it feels really good. I started a new routine and it's kicking my butt! That is a GOOD thing, this chic has her own luggage set back there!

Thank you for your prayers and support! It's working! I am feeling good and strong, if not thinner yet ;o) Good and strong were/are the goal.

Have an amazing weekend! I pray it's Better than Good!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Every Child Deserves a Home

D and S went to Winter Jam last night with KLove. He bought a new CD by New Song. Tonight at dinner he played this song for me. Not easy to eat dinner through tears. Bush isn't burning yet... at least he hasn't said so.
I found the video to go with it. Dare you to watch it without a tissue~ ;o)

Monday, March 1, 2010


So what makes now the time? Why do I think this is the time I will make this thing stick? Well, because this time I have actually given it to God. I believe He can do this, I can't. So I am trusting Him.

I was taking a walk at lunch today... man it was gorgeous sunny and in the 50's...sorry I digress. I was praying and thinking about why I felt the need to feel better about my body and myself.

The first reason is that I currently weigh more than I did when I was pregnant with either of my older 2 kiddos. I was carrying a BABY in my belly, taking eating for 2 seriously and I still didn't weigh as much then as I do now. Ok so how depressing is that?! In high school I hovered at about 130lbs on my 5 ' 8" frame. And I ate, I loved food!

Well ToTo we aren't in high school any more. I have birthed 2 kids, adopted 2, quit smoking and developed hypothyroidism.... oh and I still eat...and love food. :o) hhhmmm AND I am almost 40 yrs old.

It's time to make a change. I don't aspire to be 130 any more. I don't even really aspire to be 150, what I wanted was a goal, an obtainable one. One that would require me to trust God, one that would put me in a place where I could stop wearing elastic pants, and long shirts to hide the bulge. A goal that would allow me to run and play with my kids without wanting to stop and lay down. One that will allow me to get up at the beach and play with my boys in the sand instead of hide my fat butt in the chair.

Most of all my goal is to focus myself on trusting Him with my life, with my body and with my soul.

My arms so badly ache for another child that I feel like most recently I have been using food as my fulfillment. I trust that as I turn my body over to Him, I am also turning over my heart to Him. I trust in His Will.

I have had a couple of people contact me about the verses that I am using, so I thought I would share them. Some I got straight from the bible(crazy I know), some have been adapted by Beth Moore in her book about strongholds. I personally made none of this up myself. ;o)

1. God of hope, fill me with all joy and peace as I trust in you, so that I may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Rom 15:13

2. Lord, when you bring this captive completely back to you, I will be like those who dream! My mouth will be filled with laughter and my tongue songs of joy! The Lord has done great things for me, and I am filled with joy. Psalm 126:1 - 3

3. Lord God, help me not to allow the worries of this life, the deceitfulness of wealth, and the desires for other things to come in and choke your word, making it unfruitful in my life. Mark 4:19

4.Lord, I pray you will give me the desire of my heart- which at this moment is to be free- and make all my plans succeed. Ps 20:4

5. Powerful Lord, help me not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time I will reap a harvest it I do not give up. Gal 6:9

6. Everything is permissible for me-but not everything is beneficial. "Everything is permissible for me"- but I desire not to be mastered by anything. (1 Cor 6:12) Lord God, help me to recognize and discern what is not beneficial for me. Help me to see that authentic liberty is being free to do certain things and free not to do others. (Beth Moore... one of my favorites)

7. My very favorite: For without Him, we can do nothing - and with Him I can do anything. Phil 4:13

And just some self help bits from the book 'Scale Down'.
I'm not quitting, with God's help I can reach my goals.
I'm in control of every bite that goes into my mouth.
I'll make time to exercise and LOVE IT!

These are just a few of the verses and ideas that I have started with. I also found that has a great tool that will allow you to set up a free account that allows you to record your personal information, then the foods you eat and the exercise you do so you can keep track. Did I mention it's FREE. :o) Good stuff.