Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A little fun with E

This morning as I was getting things together to take N to preschool, I could hear little E.  He reminds me of R2-D2...remember him?  E makes all this little bleeps, beeps, bips and tongue flutters ALL the time.  It seems he's always making some kind of funny little noise.  He's SO mush cuter than that silly robot though!

We were later sitting at the table eating our cereal with the Gospel Music Channel on, and I began to bob my head to the music.  E looks at me and says "Dancing.  No!"  "Dancing. No."  All serious.  I began giggling, cause his face was so funny.  He looks at me with this serious face, then breaks into a huge smile and begins bobbing himself.  We start bobbing and laughing.  All of a sudden, like we planned it, we both stopped and quit laughing while still looking at each other..it was for just a second.  But almost as if neither of us could contain it any more we began laughing again.

This kid is a funny guy!  

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Mugsey said...

What a beautiful picture. Mother and son loving and laughing. Good to see life has ebs and flows. Thank you for all your prayers. My prayers continue for you as well. God Bless, Michelle