Sunday, October 19, 2008

Home again Home again jiggity jig

We are home again.  This time hopefully for good.  
We have a couple of out patient things to do, but things that 'should' not have us back there again for an extended period of time.
E was SO happy to be leaving today!
He was ready to get up and get dressed and kept saying "E go bye bye, E go bye bye".

I think the pain level he has been in and the secondary fever made it absolutely necessary to be there for the time we were... even if I do fuss about the place.  I really do want him to feel better, and think that while we are taking longer than we expected, he's going to just blow us away with how different he is once he actually feels better.

One of the huge blessings this time were the nurses, we really had some great ones!  We have had more than one nurse tell us that our story, and meeting E have confirmed for them that they want to adopt.  What a HUGE blessing! Thank you Lord for showing us blessings in the hard places.


Matthew and Amanda said...

YEAH!!! So glad E is home again. Hopefully for good. Thank you for spreading the light and opening the eyes of a few more people during your journey. It's fun to sow some seeds for Jesus.


Leslie said...

So glad E is home! Praying for his quick recovery.

Andrea said...

So glad you are back home again and the normal life, once again, can begin. I really, really hope and pray E will be much better soon.