Thursday, November 20, 2008

uh oh, I think the honeymoon is over

I found out last night that E cried for a while after I left him yesterday.

As I said before he seemed fine when I got there to get him and his teachers gush over him. But then N told me last night that he cried, and cried and cried. And then snatched a toy from Poor kid.

This morning on the way to school he began saying "E, no school. E no school." I told him he had to go, and that he would be with N.
He went in ok, and even went up to a littler kid in the room, cupped his face and smiled at him. SO sweet.

He gave me a kiss and hug good bye, and seemed ok.

We shall see, but perhaps the novelty is wearing off? ;o)


Andrea said...

Oh Andrea, poor E. I just emailed wishing E another great day. I really hope he won't be so sad and it is such a blessing his big brother is right there. I will pray specifically for his days at daycare.

SupermomE11 said...

The novelty will wear off (maybe already has!!!) but, it will become "routine" and won't be new anymore either... it will just become what he expects.

Give him some extra smooches from me. ooh I love that little man. :)