Saturday, November 22, 2008

S has a party

S got her favorite present CASH!  I see a shopping trip coming.;o)
This is half the kids that were there ;o)  A Motley Crew huh?
S and her cake

The mom of her friend runs a bakery.  She made this cake for S as a gift.  Isn't it beautiful?!!
See boys love to play with toys.

So since her birthday was on Monday we had S's friend party last night, Friday.  
We almost always have it at the house because she al
ays wants at least 15 people.
So once every year we have our house over run with teenagers.  
And the funny thing is that they are all pretty good kids.  They are mostly respectful, at least to our  Call us mom and dad and play with the little boys.  
And as you will see in the pics below some times play with the little boy toys.  
Funny thing is that at one point S came into the room where we were and was texting someone.  I asked her who she could possibly be texting since all of her friends were here, and she said she was texting someone AT the party.  OIY!  ;o)


Cindy said...

Ok, funny - looking at the picture of the kids - many of them are holding their cell phones too! Crazy generation huh? They had something on the news about this recently. How kids now cant carry a face-to-face conversation anymore because of the technology they use every day.

Andrea said...

Don't you love it when all the kids can come to your house and they can enjoy it there because they feel they are at home? Danica was always like that when she was in High School. I LOVE the cake. It's so pretty. Hope S has fun shopping!