Thursday, November 20, 2008


Today was Thanksgiving at the boy's school.  Daddy went to lunch with them. 
They had so much fun.
I got to school to pick them up after work and the first thing E says to me
 is "Hat!" "Hat!"  We found his hat and insisted on putting it immediately. ;o)
Look how cute he is!

We found out that he will have no issues at Thanksgiving dinner.  He loves turkey, mashed potatoes, and even cranberry sauce!  Funny thing is that he doesn't like gravy on things. 

Another blessing is that N was great today.  We have really worked on trying to focus on his good moments.  We are also trying to help him remember that he is a very important big brother.  It seems to be working. And he even napped at nap time... THAT is
Here he is in his great little hat.
Gotta love token daycare crafts... aren't they the cutest kids you have ever seen?!  


Andrea said...

such cuties with their hats. Thumbs up for N. today. That is a good way of expressing it to say he is the older brother. That way he knows more is expected of him.

SupermomE11 said...

Cutest Thanksgiving boys ever!!

Matthew and Amanda said...

Those two look so cute! I bet I know what you're thankful for this year!!


Thankfulmom said...

Wow! I can't believe how fabulous E. looks. God is so good!