Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Thanksgiving is why Fall is my favorite time of the year.  

I think if you go to almost any website, or blog you will find someone talking about the things they are thankful for, and why.  When else during the year do we do this collectively?  Where we actually think about and are reminded to be thankful for the big things ... and the little ones? 
So here is my list of things I am thankful for... not necessarily in order ;o)

1. My faith in my Lord and Savior.  I would not be the person I am now without Him.  
2. My husband.  He is an amazing husband, dad, friend and son.  He is the man I will spend the rest of my life with, because I want to, not just because of vows that we took.  Neither of us are perfect on our own but together we make the perfect pair.
3. Z, my first born.  The child that will always have a special place in my heart because we grew up together.  I think he probably got the short end of the stick on that one since we had to learn together.  He's an amazing young man now and someone I am so proud to call son.
4. S, my sweet girl.  We are the only female's in the house now.  She is amazing.  Texting and all, she truly is one wonderful kid!  She is smart, strong, sometimes head strong ;o), she stands up for others, loves all people, and is not too embarassed to go shopping with mom and even hold hands and offer a hug or a kiss in public.  That, to me is a gift.  I am blessed to call her daughter.
5. N, my wild man.  The child who first showed us that God is bigger than we could have imagined.  He taught us about patience, and hope, and pain, and love, and loss.  He opened a world to us that was completely out of our realm.  He is full of life and love and wants so badly to please.  He has more energy in his little pinky than our household combined.  Our lives will forever be better because we chose to listen to God and love this sweet little boy.
6.E, the boss! ;o)  He has only been home about 3 months, but it seems like forever.  In a good way.  He has taught us to live outside of ourselves.  That life is not to be taken for granted.  That there is blessings to be found even in the midst of chaos and pain.  That we are not worthy, but SO thankful to be his parents.
7. Our parents.  Who have always loved us and supported us even when they didn't agree with us.  Who bring us food, and babysit kids when we are overwhelmed.
8. Our siblings... and siblings in law... LOVE YOU!  Those that are close and those that are too far away.  Oh and D, N wants to know when you are coming back to visit. ;o)
9. I am thankful for my friends. My friends here locally who call to check on us, who show up with food, or a shoulder to cry on and those too far away.
A who has one of the biggest hearts I know.  Thank you for being a friend and a sister in Christ, thank you for allowing me to obsess about stuff and still love me. ;o)  And J who is such an amazing friend and brother to D.
L who tells me like it is and keeps me accountable, and will someday be my inlaw if we have any say about it.  Love you.
My group, who still loves me even though I can't come fellowship any more.  
C, who is the person who's life is so wonderfully parallel to mine, and who God sent to be the person I can discuss kids with, life with, faith, adoption and even politics with.  Who will pray for me and I for her and we know that God hears us. Who understands my joys and pain. Who helped to keep me sane and grounded as we prayed about adopting E. We have not met (YET), but our friendship is forever.
E who is such a HUGE blessing to me. Who changed my life by introducing me to my son, and then became one of my very dearest friends.  She 'get's' me, she understands my dreams and desires for all lost children.  She understands the joys and worries of parenting our children. She listens when I need advice and laughs and shares her joys and concerns with me.  We can talk for an hour on the phone and it seems like only  Can't wait to be able to hug your neck some day... soon.
10. Our church, who supports us and loves us and loves our kids.  Who opened it's doors to us and became our home.  Our Emmaus family that is more of a blessing to us that we could ever even try to express.  God is SO good!
11. I am thankful for accessible medical care, medications that can be easily obtained, the roof over my head, the 2 vehicles in my driveway, the food in my fridge, the warmth in our home, our dogs, my job, coffee in the morning, the right to vote, the freedom to worship, the water to shower with ( I am sure others are happy that I can shower as well), the grocery store up the street, schools and education.

Edited to add:  I am thankful for the internet, that allows me to meet so many amazing a wonderful people.  I have said before that I know the internet can be used for so much ugliness. But it's brought amazing joy and friendships to my life.  Thank you all that read this blog, those that comment and make me smile and those that just read and shake their heads at me ;o)

May you all have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving day!

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