Monday, November 17, 2008

First day update

So we are home now, and he's zonked!

He had a great time, he was a good boy, followed the rules, played outside and went potty when he was supposed to.

He had a bit of an issue with lunch, but N fed him...cause he's a great big brother!...and then he fell asleep before I could get there. 

He was happy to see me, but not like I had abandoned him... but like, I had a good day today mom, it's good to see you ;o)



Cindy said...

Oh, that's so great. How wonderful that they can be together for now. What a great brother N is! So glad it went well for all of you. I'm sure it was hard for you to leave him today.

SupermomE11 said...

Yay for E!!! And Yay for N for being such an awesome big brother!!!!
I am so glad it was a good day for them. :)

Big hugs,

Andrea said...

What a relief for you. Wow, I can't imagine your daycare expenses. I am going to have to face that soon.

Andrea said...

Yeah, have I mentioned yet that I am having high blood pressure issues. Think it could be the daycare expenses? ;o)

Tiffany said...

Yeah!!! That gave me chills to read - especially that he was glad to see you b/c he had a good day, not b/c you left him. So great!!