Sunday, November 2, 2008


Wow this is a big month huh?

We have so much personally happening this month, and there is so much globally happening as well.  
1. National Adoption month, with National Adoption Day being November 15th.
2.  It's time to VOTE... in one pretty monumental election.
3. Thanksgiving!!!  I think this is one of my favorite holidays, because it's about being thankful for what you have, it's about getting together to eat yourself stupid, turkey coma, and family... and of course football.

1.  I get to go back to work full time...soon ;o(
2.  S has her 15th birthday on the 17th.
3. We will celebrate the 1 year anniversary of my father-in-laws going home to heaven on the 17th as well.
4. My parents celebrate 39 years of marriage together.
5.  My little brother turns 34.

My dear friend Cindy has her court date, oh how I pray for a fast date.  And those of you still waiting for court dates... praying for you as well.

This month is one of my favorites, I look forward to the leaves turning colors, family sharing time together, the chill that settles into the air, the special feeling that this time of year always brings.  
I hope to remember each day this year something that I am thankful for... a word, a smile, a shreek of "mommy!", an "I love you"... with a world in so much chaos... I want to remember that life is Better than Good.


Cindy said...

Hey you. Thanks for the well-wishes and prayers for our court date. I truly never thought that we would still be waiting to bring our boy home in November.
you have been there for me every step of the way - thank you!
Love you!

Andrea said...

You have lots of good stuff going on in November. Tell your daughter I like her a lot. She is a Scorpio like Danica (my daughter) and myself. Not that I believe in astrology anymore since I am a Christ Follower, but boy the personality of a scorpio is exactly how I am. So I am curious to know if your daughter is like that. Feisty, doesn't take no for an answer and keeps fighting at it, strong woman, passionate about whatever she believes in... Danica's birthday is on Nov 5th and my was Oct 26. I hope I get to meet your beautiful daughter one day. Maybe at REACH camp. I love Scorpio women. You get what you get, nothing hidden.

Andrea said...

lol... yes that would SO be her personality. ;o) She's a force to be reckoned with... and one to be immensely proud of! I hope you get to meet as well. ;o)

Andrea said...

yap, that would be my girl!