Sunday, November 23, 2008


ok, so this is a follow up to the 'technology' post.

I began to think about what Aaron said about remembering us having this conversation in the van on the way to the embassy.  See, we were only with Aaron and his family for a few short hours. So the fact that he remembers this conversation has me thinking that perhaps WE are the ones with the obsession over the phone and not S.

When we first got her the phone we were pretty strict on when she could use it.  It was really only because she was starting middle school and we wanted a way to be able to 'keep track' of her when she went out.  Well of course those rules lapsed a bit and she was using more and more.  We did have to keep a limit on the minutes she used to speak because it's a family plan and she was using the family minutes.  

Then came her 13th birthday and daddy wanted her to have texting. I was against it from the beginning, I knew it would end up to be an issue.  But we tried it.  I hate to say I told you so, but I told you  And now we have 14 - 17k texts a month.  

I have been reading on some other blogs about the things they do, and don't with their kids.  Like no tv, and no cell phones, and no hand held computer games. ( I TOTALLY respect these choices by the way!!)

But I think to myself that we have truly spoiled our kids  Although, perhaps it's not the kids that are spoiled but us parents (as in D and I)  that don't really do anything about it because we enjoy these comforts as well. Even though we can't really afford them at the moment.  I mean shucks I walked out of the house the other day without my cell phone and was almost panicked.  sheesh, am I mess or what?

So what do I do?  

We still have family time, we still turn off the tv every night at dinner and have dinner at least 5 out of 7 nights together as a family.  We try to sit with the kids as they watch their shows, and I try to only have Disney or Noggin on so that we can interact with them during the shows.  LOL listen to me justify. ;o) 

Not really sure where to go with this thought process... perhaps some cutting back and soul searching myself is in order. ;o)


Cindy said...

Every family is different - so dont compare yourself with another! You are an awesome mom! Is the matter of texting the "battle you want to die in"? I mean really, S is an amazing kid right? so, she gets out of control with talking to her many friends. We all have our little "something" that we do, and shouldnt do so much of. She IS only human. Personally, what I would do, is just start making her pay for the texts. When the money comes out of her pocket, she will soon have to think about whether this is what she wants to spend her money on. Just a thought!
Love ya!

Aaron said...

Hey I didn't mean to get you to think your priorities were out of line. Just that generationally communication is changing. 17k texts is A LOT! Don't kid yourself there!

Andrea said...

lol, not questioning the amount, it's totally excessive! Just pondering our contribution to the problem. ;o)