Friday, November 14, 2008


Who knew E was a Kung fu ninja?!

We rented Kung fu Panda tonight and watched it with the boys.  So for most of the movie E was just kind of watching, and climbing on me.

Then the bad white tiger guy (can't remember his name) shows up.  And all of a sudden E jumps off the couch and starts kung fu punching the air in front of the TV as if he's fighting this bad guy.

We were rolling!!!

The next scene was a quiet one so he climbed back up in the couch and started saying "E big!"  "E ~insert punching moves and noises~"  

SO funny!

Then at one point N got up with him, to help I guess, and E stopped him and moved him back like he was trying to protect him.  Then told me that N was a baby, N was little, E was big.

So now we have our little kung fu master E. ;o)  

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