Friday, November 14, 2008


So do you ever just have moments when you just feel blessed?

Today was one of those days.  We have been a bit taken aback by the medical costs that we have incurred with little E, and my not working.  We have stressed some, but have always known God had this plan for us so he would provide some how.  The other night D and I were praying for God's provision, we asked not that he over indulge, but just allow us to stay afloat.  Today he indulged by way of a very dear and very generous friend.  Now the pride in us says... we don't need the help, we don't want to ask for this... we can do this on our own.  But this person said this is what God laid on his heart and he wanted to return a blessing.  How do you have any pride when someone tells you that?!  God answered our prayers in a way we never saw coming, and humbled us YET again.

I have been thinking about my kids, and what my life is like with them in it.  I am exhausted and not always a very patient and happy mommy... but I wouldn't change them in any way.  I wouldn't have my kung fu boys if they weren't here! I wouldn't have my sweet S, or my hardly ever present Z ;o)

My sweet husband made me my favorite popcorn tonight.  How is that for love?!

And I have some pretty amazing friends.  Some that I feel closer to than I can even fathom considering we have never actually met in person (although we will!!!)  and some that I can't believe God has blessed me with, that I know will be with me for always.

And I am not one for feeling "jinxed' but I actually had 8 full hours of sleep last night.  Count them 8!!!!  Praise the Lord for that!

I also have a pretty amazing sister in law... I hate that she lives so far away... but at least she reads my blog. :o)  Love you


Tiffany said...

Praise the Lord!!!

Isn't it great how He refreshes us every now and then? It always seems to be just when we need it. And, I love how he uses others to do it - we are not alone in this journey of life.

Aaron said...

Proverbs 30:7-9
is a verse that has challenged me. I want no worries, but God wants us to rely on Him.

Andrea said...

Andrea I love reading your entries. They are always refreshing and truthful for every day life.

You are a faithful servant and if someone blesses you with money you have to take it because that person gives so willingly. These blessings only happen when you give yourself and I am so happy for you guys that it came at the right moment when the Lord placed it on that person's heart.

Just to wake up every morning and get another breath on this earth with our family is a blessing!