Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I thought  would take a moment to talk about the joys of adoption and of parenthood in general.

I was thinking about one of the last lines in my post on lessons where I said that adoption wasn't for the faint of heart.  I think I need to rephrase that to, "Parenting isn't for the faint of heart". Parenting in general is an ever growing, ever learning process.  It's certainly not the easiest job, nor is there a step by step manual... sure there are a TON of self-help parenting books out there but some how they never really answer the real questions.

I truly love being a parent.  There are so many more joys than not.  Like my Z.  He's almost 19 yrs old, he's hardly ever around any more between college, work and church.  But his life is centered in Christ and in the church.  He didn't even start learning about his faith until High School, and Christ just TOOK HIM OVER.  Now that makes a momma proud. ;o)

My S continually amazes me.  She really has had so much on her plate, yet she is still such a loving, respectful, caring human being.  She doesn't complain when we ask her to help take care of the boys, she helps with the medical care of E, she gives N a bath when the need arises, she reads to the boys and in general constantly amazes me with her blessings.  She's still an almost 15 yr old with attitude and drama, but just when I think we are headed for some rough patches she catches herself and steps up to the plate.  I just LOVE that kid!

N... he was 2 when he came home.  He had all those toddler issues, didn't sleep, threw some SERIOUS tantrums and screaming fits, but from the very beginning he was a love bug.  He used to climb up my body like a little monkey and kiss my face all over.  He's a little big to climb me, but he's still a kisser, and hugger, and snuggler.  He must tell me 1000 times a day that he loves me.  He's a ball of energy and many times has no idea what to do with it all, but he's joyful energy.  He loves his siblings and has embraced E with mostly open arms... kind of depends on if E has a toy he

E... bless his heart, he's been through the wringer. He was handed to us 3 hours after we got off the plane and hasn't had a break since.  He's been poked,  prodded, pinched and medicated.  He didn't want to like at first, and honestly I sure can't blame him.  He's been home almost 3 months and he's learning words every day.  He's a love bug.  LOVEs to give kisses too.  Since I have had to go back to work part time he's the loudest when I walk in the door with  "MOMMY!!!!"  He runs to jump on me with hugs and kisses.  He's still not sleeping through the night and he's still a champion tantrum thrower as is N... but he's learning that we are home and family.

Adoption is only part of what makes us a family... but LOVE and the knowledge that God placed us all together... THAT is what makes us a family.  


Matthew and Amanda said...


That was so beautiful.. Thank you for sharing.


Andrea said...

I loved hearing the part about your oldest son. I so much wish that for my daughter. When our young children walk with the Lord, how much better can it get? You are a blessed mama! But I know you know.