Monday, November 17, 2008


Exactly 15 yrs ago with Daddy and her Beloved Poppa
Her first Birthday!

Christmas... she's about 4 here

Today my sweet S turned 15 yrs old.  
Do you know what that means?  Next year she will be getting her drivers license!  HELP!
Good grief I cannot imagine her driving a car.  She's my sweet little S.  My little roly poly, wanna squeeze those little cheeks... baby.  
She was my ham until N came  If ever there is a camera around, she is in front of it. ;o) She loves people, and kids, and animals and old  She sees a wrong and wants to fix it, she sees hurting and she wants to comfort, she sees a purse and wants to buy
She's funny and smart and a joy.  
She's also 15 so she's sassy, argumentative and moody.  
She's the whole package.  She's not only beautiful in the outside but on the inside.
She's my only girl and I love her to PIECES!!!

I found some old pics of her... I had to take pics of pics because our scanner doesn't work.

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Andrea said...

Happy Birthday, S. I hope you had a wonderful day.