Wednesday, September 30, 2009

another perspective...

My Z runs a bible study group for middle school aged boys.

Last night they met at our house.... phew...middle school is a crazy hard age. But Z is good at working with them and speaking to them. I will admit to listening in some, I just wanted to hear how he interacted. ;o) Snoopy mom that I am.

I only listened for a couple of minutes then went about putting my boys to bed and getting ready to go out running.

The boys had all left so I went in to see Z quickly before going out. He had a troubled look on his face so I sat down next to him.

He said one of the boys in his group is having a really rough time of it, trouble at home, some depression and some self destructive behaviors and he's only 13yrs old. Z was very troubled, and recognized that this was over his head. We talked a bit about what his next steps will be. He's got a great head on his shoulders! ;o)

He then said to me "Man these kids really have it rough. I had it easy! Mom, thank you for loving me and for my life"

I wasn't sure what to say... he didn't have it easy...his dad and I divorced when he was 2 yrs old. We all went through some pretty tough situations.

He was always loved, he was always supported and he always knew he was wanted.

God is building my son to be an amazing young man, through all his bravado and sometimes colossal ego...he's got a huge good God loving heart.

Thank you Lord for my Z!


Our journey following Christ said...


Well done, Mama, well done!

It means everything to have an adult son who loves the Lord. What a great testimony that despite difficult family circumstances we might go through, God hears when we pray for our kids. You have shown him a godly example over the years.

I know no one is perfect but God is faithful.

Praising God with you for a wonderful, God fearing son!!!


Cindy said...

I think part of being a good parent, is to make sure your kids know that you are not perfect, that you make mistakes too. I bet that when Z was growing up, you were a parent who was humble enough to admit that to him. That's why he can look back and see that he was truly blessed to have a mom who loved him so much, and to appreciate what you did and still do for him. If we try to be parents who think we "know it all", our kids wont respect us, or come to us to talk.
You are an awesome mom!

Adeye said...

I absolutely love this post! How blessed you are to have a son who loves God so much--and his mama :)

LisaShaw said...

Yes, Thank You LORD for Z and for all the ways you are using him to be a blessing in the lives of the young people. Grace him with your favor LORD that every word he speaks to them will be seasoned with Your grace.

Thank you that he recognizes the presence of YOU within His Mom.


this message blessed me. We often realize that whatever we went through in our lives, someone else had it even rougher. Your son is amazing and has a BIG heart!

Love you.

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Sounds like you have an incredible young man on your hands! Praise God for that!!! Love youth and what they are doing. Maybe it is because we work with them all summer, but I love it!

Andrea Hill said...

Amen, thank you Lord for your Z. What a special young man he has become. Lets put him on notice; he will be my son-in-law for my Danica...