Thursday, September 10, 2009


E is going to a Baptist Church Preschool.

We aren't Baptist by profession, but we are not discriminatory He's got prayer and love and the word of God in school. Can't ask for more than that.

The bonus is that they are to memorize a scripture a week.

To be honest I wasn't sure how that would work for a 4 yr old still trying to learn English. I do believe however that tucking God's word away in your heart is a blessing, and starting at 4 yrs old is as good a time as any. Right?!

N is learning the scripture as well.

Love it!

A funny thing about E's school is that he has homework every night. Pre-K has homework nightly... crazy! It's not much, it's just funny that there is so much for one so little.

N's homework doesn't start until October 19th...not sure about the random date... but they will be able to do homework together.

I love seeing my boys be little sponges, seeing their confidence in learning and growing. Knowing that they have so much ahead of them.

God is Better than Good!


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Hey, our kids have been memorizing scripture, and I love what God does with that in their lives. It amazes me constantly!!! Aww...crazy for a prek to have homework though???

LisaShaw said...

Sweetie, this is so exciting! I'm so happy for the boys --learning English and learning the WORD!

I continue to pray a great school year for them both.

You are in some exciting times Sister!

How's things going otherwise? You're on my heart.

Love the blogskin!

Love you.

Andrea Hill said...

Isn't that so nice when they being fed scripture? Sometimes it amazes me how much these little ones can take in. I am so glad they are going to a Christian School. Hoped mine could.

Our journey following Christ said...

Ok now...I go to a Baptist church!! Haha! Alright, we aren't diehard Baptists but we do go to a Baptist church. :)

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE when kids learn scripture! Even if they're very young, it's amazing how it sticks with them for life. My 19 year old went to AWANA from pre-K through 6th grade and still remembers most if not all the scripture he learned. I'm talking about hundreds of verses!

Many Baptist churches offer AWANA on Wed. nights for kids. You might want to check into it for N. It's wonderful and Mihiretu loves it and is hiding God's word in his little heart.

Honestly, in our family, AWANA attendance is non-negotiable. Scripture memorization is just that important to me.

But homework??? WHAT???


Andrea said...

ok oops!!!! I totally meant to say we were NOT discriminatory. uh oh how mnay people did I upset? ;o(

Yeah... homework... every night. Nothing major, but homework none the less... crazy! N doesn't have any so far. ;o)

ok going to correct my post.

Holli said...

Andrea come with your son!!! Just bring your whole fam!! you have a place to stay!

Our journey following Christ said...

Andrea!! You silly girl! I wasn't in the least offended by your Baptist comment. Seriously. I'm NOT one of those overly sensitive people in the least.

I believe in always assuming the person meant the best by any given comment, especially when I know their heart. And I know yours...and I know you would NEVER say anything hurtful.

Now I feel really bad! Take that EDIT out, my young friend!


Andrea said..., I know YOU know I didn't mean anything by it, but maybe someone else read it and thought I was trying to be ugly? ok, I will erase the edit, and just leave the right verbiage. ;o)
Hugs to you!!! My not so much older than me friend. ;o)