Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Prayer Request

Hey ya'll!
Happy Tuesday!
The first day of school for 3 youngest. What a day!!!

I will post more about that later, but right now I am just asking for prayers for my friend Tiffany and her son Silas and the family.
Silas just turned 4 on Saturday...here is a link to Tiffany's blog.

He is currently in their Children's Hospital recovering from a collapssd lung due to severe pneumonia. He could have a long road to recovery.

Please pray for beautiful little Silas and the family!



Adeye said...

Absolutely standing with you in prayer for complete healing for this sweet little boy.

Our journey following Christ said...


Just spent some time in prayer for little Silas.

You know, a long road could turn into a little blip, as God did in our case. That's my prayer for him.

I also had to praise God that Silas had this happen in the US and not in Ethiopia because we know the outcome could have been so much different.

Keep us updated on him.


Andrea said...

You are so very right, thank you for the reminder. ;o) And thank you for your prayers. Scary stuff! Praises tho that he's not in Ethiopia is right!

Thankfulmom said...

Praying for sweet Silas.


Andrea Hill said...

Precious Silas. I am praying for him. He is tucked away in my prayer notebook. I will go on Tiffany's blog next. You are one amazing friend to Tiffany and I am sure she appreciates this so much.

Holli said...