Friday, September 18, 2009

Faithful Friday

YAY it's Friday!

Over all I think it's been a good week.

N had his bad day, but has turned it around. YAY N! ;o)

E's had a great week in school. Usually daddy takes him in the morning, but today I got to take both boys. N was excited to see where E goes to school, he asked if he could teach there when he's 12. He must think 10 and 12 are really old huh? lol (on that note he asked me how old I was the other day and when I told him I was 39 his eyes bugged and his mouth dropped "Man! That's OLD!")

N was excited to get to do the Happy Friday Dance today at school. I am looking forward to him teaching it to me when I get home. ;o) Might have to institute that one. We had a Friday Dance at my old job... it was a riot! ;o)

I have been able to get outside running this week. It's been good. I feel really really good from the hips up when I's the lower half that is still bugging me. ;o) Last night I did an Epsom salt bath though and I feel good this morning.

I haven't even bothered with the scale... I think I will just see how it goes with the running, my true goal is to get healthier and I don't want to obsess over the weight thing. I think my legs are actually getting bigger, but sure are firmer!!! ;o) YAY

Tonight I am having a girls night at the house. We are going to watch Dirty Dancing and eat popcorn. Just a fun night enjoying a fun movie. I was sad to see Patrick Swayze pass. The thing that made me most sad though was a quote I read from an interview he had with Barbara Walters though. It said that when asked how he felt about dying he said he "didn't know what was on the other side". ;o(

You know I guess even as Christians with the assurance of Heaven we don't really know what's on the other side... it's the unknown... and that can be scary even if we are sure it's going to be a good thing! ;o) I pray that someone was able to share Jesus with him before he died.

The rest of this weekend is going to be pretty busy, but then I am not sure we know how to have quiet weekends. ;o)

I am working with my dad to plan a surprise 60th birthday party for my mom next weekend. That's a bit hard for a woman that will figure it out cause that's what she And my dad, God love him, isn't really a planner, so I am stuck in the hard spot of ready to do it...but not wanting to step on his toes ya know? ;o) It will be good either way ;o)

Please continue to pray for little Silas and his momma Tiffany. He's had a bit of a possible set back. I know how very hard that feels when you are stuck in the hospital with your child. Please send up a prayer of strength for her.

And for my friend K who's missing her sweet daughter on her way to Cameroon. My parents moved to Bahrain for a couple of years when I was in my late 20's and I remember how hard that was. Hang in there momma! See you tonight.

Praises for my BFF Erin who is going to pick up her baby tomorrow!!! It's a tough situation for the family that will be relinquishing him, so prayers for them as well. Baby Noah is a sweet beautiful little boy and Erin and the family are so very excited to bring him home.

I pray your weekend is full of family and blessings.


Adeye said...

You are SUCH a busy lady!

Soooo exciting about your friend bringing their little one home tomorrow. I love hearing stories like that--it means another heart has found a home.

Have a very blessed weekend, friend.

Andrea Hill said...

Your N cracks me up especially on the age thing. But it was nice he was interested in E's school. I looks like he a taken on a nice older brother role.
Sad about Patrick S to make that statement. I too hope someone shared Jesus Christ with him in his last moments.