Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First Day of School!!!

What a day! ;o)

The kids all had good days...they all started new schools. Except for Z who's in his second year of college...and SO wouldn't have let me take a first day of school pic of him. ;o)

The morning went off without a hitch, they were all up and ready by 630am. phew! It was pouring out so Daddy drove S to her bus stop...couldn't get all that cuteness wet! lol Then took E to his preschool. E wasn't much pleased that he wasn't going to the room I had shown him, but went in fine after a bit of explanation.
I took N to his baby sitter's house and in he went no problem. The bus situation was a bit mussed, but I got is straight and loved that ride!!!
Here are some pics

lol should have cleaned up the stairs before taking the

He LOVES this backpack, too bad it's too small for his folder. ;o(

Lookin cute for the first day of 10th grade

S called me first thing when she got home. Her response to the how was your day question was "It was the best first day of school that I can remember momma!!!" So that's good news. At dinner she even thanked us for letting her go back to her home high school. Now we just have to keep up that enthusiasm. ;o) We shall see how today goes, as they do block classes, with A days and B days... so they have different classes on opposite days.
N was next home. He was bushed! Getting up early and then having school in the afternoon takes alot out of a guy, even N! ;o) He had a great day as well. He stayed on green ALL day! He was so very proud of that. He enjoyed his class and says there are only 12 kids in his room. That's a great ratio. He brought his papers home to make sure we signed them. He loved the bus ride, but he sat by himself, I think he was ok with that. He really enjoyed the day and was ready to go back today.
E was picked up by daddy. There wasn't a teacher around that he could ask about his earlier day so we went by was E said. E told us that he hadn't had a good day. He said he got on red cause he didn't listen. ?? oh dear what a way to start. There were no notes though and no phone calls. So we asked him if today would be a better day and he assured us it would be.
When daddy dropped him off this morning he asked the teacher about E's day. She laughed and said he'd had a great day. Only one issue and it was a minor one. He didn't even make it to yellow and had been green all day.
So... where did the red come from? Crazy Tattling on himself when there wasn't a reason. Now that we know where to look for the info on how his day went, these things won't happen again.
The boys were SO happy to see each other again. D said when he drove up with E that N was at the door jumping up and down just grinning from ear to ear. They chased each other and played the rest of the night. ;o) SO cute!!!
This morning they were all still excited about school.
Please continue to pray for Tiffany, Dave and little Silas. She is updating her blog with news. We know our God is the great healer and physician.


Holli said...

such cute kids! glad their first days were good!

Andrea Hill said...

Ha, your Z. is funny. My Danica is the same way. She very much even dislikes when I post some of her pics on my blog. I am so excited your S. had the bestest day ever. How cool is that for a girl her age. Usually its drama the first day. And your two little guys look so handsome. I am contiously in awe when I see new pics of E. on how great he looks now and he is so happy.

Adeye said...

What gorgeous kids you have! Love all the cute pics. So thankful that they are all so happy and loving school. Blessings.

Unknown said...

So cute! All of them. But you are sure in trouble with your daughter. ;o)

(high school scares me with 4 girls of my own!)

Glad everything was a success!

LisaShaw said...

Your daughter is gorgeous!

Your sons are way too cute :)

May the presence and protection of the LORD be with the three of them and your adult son in Jesus Name.

Love you.