Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Open house

This is a crazy busy week!

I have open houses for the kids because all 3 of the youngest are starting new schools. Z already started his second year of college.

Thank goodness they are all scheduled for different nights since D is out of town!!!

Last night I took E to his open house. Bless his little heart he is still trying to grasp the concept of the school he will be attending.

It's a Preschool/Daycare in a church around the corner from our house. We walked into the sanctuary for the beginning orientation and he said "This no school! This Church!" He wasn't After the program we went up to see his classroom. It's wonderfully diverse and the classroom is bright and cheerful. One of the teachers that will be with him in the Daycare portion said she thought there was a woman from Ethiopia that worked there as well. How great would that be?! He wasn't pleased that we were leaving as quickly as we did, but we showed him on the big calendar at home when he will get to go there for long term.

He's still grasping the concept of time. Generally he bases things on eating and sleeping I am not sure he can count the amount sequences before he starts school.

S isn't going to the specialized school this year. She will be going back to her home high school. She is so very excited. Tonight is the new student walk through. It's the high school I graduated from so it will be interesting to see how things have changed. ;o)

Tomorrow night N gets to go to see his new Kindergarten class! He is so very excited to go to school. He asks me every morning to look at the calendar so he can see when it starts.

I believe that the upcoming change of schedule are what is setting his attitude off. That sense of change and things not being the "norm" seems to set him off. This time last year it was E coming home and all that that entailed. This year it's school... Big Boy school!!! That's alot of change for him, even if it's good.

I think both boys will do well. It will be a bigger adjustment for E, as he is attached to N. He doesn't like to go places without N, or have N do something he doesn't get to do.

N on the other hand I think will do so well in his new environment. In a place that is just his and where he can be N... not the brother or the self appointed interpreter. Bless his little heart. I anticipate some adjustment for them both, but pray for growth for them both as well.

S on the other hand will be great! She's got all her regular friends and the school she wants. Now she just needs to keep up the grades. ;o) Her school has a system in place that allows you to see when the kids are tardy or don't show, or need to do homework or have projects due. It's so great! SO glad they didn't have that when I was in high Even more glad that S does not take after me in that department!!!

On a completely off topic comment... I love running! I love having the treadmill! I am up to 3.5 miles and can run 2 of them!! And down another 1.5lbs!!!!

Today I go look at good running shoes! ;o) I can't wait until I can run outside. The weather is weirdly gorgeous for this time of year!! Come on Fall!!!

Hope ya'll have a better than good day!


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Changes......happen, but pray they will go smoothly. Yeah- hey the weight just keeps going. I need more of that! I lost a lot of weight a couple of years ago, but some of it has snuck up on me...not good. So I am working on it.

Andrea Hill said...

Awhh, busy week for you. I had one of those last week. Funny how we seem to be more concerned about one than the other in school because we know their personalities so well. You go girl again on your weight loss and running. Okay how much more inspiration do I need to get on the ball...

Matthew and Amanda said...

Nice work on the running. I am impressed.

I hope the school transition goes well for everyone!


Adeye said...

Wow, you sure have had a busy week getting your little ones ready for school! I bet you're happy Friday is here :)

So glad you're loving your running. Is it too hot to run where you live? Darn, wish we had that problem here :)