Friday, September 11, 2009

Faithful Friday

I have decided to keep Fridays as 'Faithful Friday' Maybe I should call it FaithFULL ;o)

Melkam Addis Amet, Happy 2002 Ethiopia!!

It's been a good week over all.

I would first like to give God the most high praise.... go check out Tiffany's blog!!! Our God is still a God of miracles!! Praise His name indeed.

The kids have all had great weeks. The boys are enjoying school. E is no longer telling us he has had bad He's had stickers every day. Yesterday I got to get off work early so I picked him up. I walked in the room and he said "Why Daddy no take me?" lol I asked if he would like to stay until daddy came to get him. To which he said yes. I didn't leave him of course, but he sure is a daddy's boy!!!

N is so very proud of his green stickers every day. As well he should be! I knew he would do great. I am praising God that this year is shaping up to be so much better than last year at this time!!!

S is still excited to be back at her home high school. She too is doing so much better this year already. Last year she was so stressed about life in general she was getting sick pretty much every other day. We thought maybe she was getting an ulcer. She was certainly having anxiety issues. Praise God for healing there!

I am up to 3 miles ...still only on the treadmill, but I think it's got to count for something doesn't it?! I ordered an arm holder for my ipod, and some of those over the ear clippy things so when I go out I have something to hold all my 'stuff' ;o) I think I am going to attempt the great out doors this weekend. yikes ;o) A friend here was talking to me about the 10k and then said she wanted me to train with her to do the Shamrock here in March... they have a 1/2 marathon... I think perhaps I will wait and see what I can do with the 10k first! ;o) But I love having a goal. Gives me something to look forward to. ;o)

This weekend isn't packed with anything!!!

I did just speak to my pastor this morning though and he wants me to be part of a leadership training they are doing within the church. It will involve a 5 week study course. I am praying about it. I guess technically I am alredy but you know how it is when you start leading something you tend to get more stuff to lead. :o) One thing he did say was that he was going to be teaching the leaders how to say no. Hey that's a concept!! So will you pray with me about the class? And the opportunity? Thank you.

I pray God's blessings on each of you! May you all have a Better than Good Friday and weekend.


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

You go girl- run some for me too! Yeah- we are excited about the Eth new year too! I think a leadership study would be great! Especially if it can benefit leadership thinking.

Adeye said...

Yes, you are blessed indeed. How wonderful to catch up with your family happenings. I love the idea of a faithful Friday!

Andrea Hill said...

Awh, I know the feeling of E. saying he wants dad to pick him up. So I haven't seen my kids all day and they ignore me almost when I come in because they are so busy playing with daddy. Yeah, you are leading already, for sure. It takes a lot to lead a mission team. Glad your kiddos are all enjoying school.

Cindy said...

Ugh. The "stuff" bugs me when I am out walking too! Yesterday, I had no pockets, my ipod, cell phone and water bottle to carry!
You are doing a great job! Keep it up!
Glad things are going well for everyone!
Love you!