Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Heard yesterday morning...

N: Mommy when do I get to do homework? I want to do home work.

Heard last night...

E: I no wanna do home-erk!
Signs of things to come? ;o)

On another note... last night I ran 3 miles...outside even!!
I have found my new lungs!! YAY!
Now I need to find my new legs. ;o) Ouch

Please say a prayer for my friend K today. She is saying see you soon to her daughter who is going into the Peace Corps in Africa. It's tough on momma's to say see you for that long...and that far. Please also pray for her daughter K who will be the one serving. What an exciting time for her!!!

Have a wonderful and blessed Wednesday!

1 comment:

Andrea Hill said...

Your kiddos crack me up. I love how you say it on how they say it. I can never put my kids' accents into words.

Go girl on your 3 miles. Prayers will go out on your friend K. Africa, awhhh.