Thursday, October 1, 2009

Big Cow

So yesterday I am praising my oldest son... and this morning my youngest are calling me a cow. 

Where is the justice??

Here's what happened:
I was getting ready for work. 
The boys were pretending they were lions, growling and prowling.
I began drying my hair.
A few minutes into my hair drying N appeared at the doorway.
I turned off the hairdryer and he says "Hey Big Cow can I use your trashcan?"
I paused... looked at him... and said "What?! Big Cow?"
He then says " E and I are pretending we are cows and you are the big cow."
I said "What happened to playing lions? Why couldn't I be the Big Lioness?"

Seriously who pretends they are cows?  And how come mommy gets to be the BIG COW?!

You can believe I will be running tonight, at least if I have to be the big cow I can be in


Our journey following Christ said...


Don't you love the little kids in your family?? They always say things that humble us. :)


LisaShaw said...

This was so cute!

Andrea Hill said...

Oh my, I just spit on my computer. I couldn't hold in my water, it was so funny. Kids are so obnoxious, rude, funny, whatever they are. Biruk told me yesterday morning my breath stinks but I know he meant my coffee breath. I'd rather had him call me a fat cow cuz I know your son was being funny, mine was nasty and rude!! Thanks so much for having me get such a good laugh tonight.

Adeye said...

Hahahahah---toooo funny :)