Friday, September 4, 2009

Conversations at my house...

This morning:

N: Mom the bus is picking me up at what time?
Me: It will pick you from Grammie W's house about 10:50 and take you to school.
N: ok
Me: But you aren't going to school today. (Just in case there is confusion. See convo below)
N: What school?
Me: You aren't going to school today.
N: My school?
M: Right you aren't going to your school today.
N: oh

I think I missed a thought process somewhere.

About 30 minutes later:

E wakes up: School today?
Me: Nope you are going on Tuesday, remember the calendar? We will look at it when we go downstairs.
N: We are going tomorrow?
Me: No you are going on Tuesday. (I then count the says for them)
E: (shoulders slump) oh :o(
N: oh I thought we were going to be home 2 days then start.
Me: *sigh* Let's go look at the calendar again.

lol... school cannot start soon enough for these boys!!!! Or for mommy.

I pray our conversations stay excited about school.


Adeye said...

That is just sooo sweet! Praise God they LOVE school so much--that is such a blessing, friend.

Matthew and Amanda said...

That sounds just like my house. "School today?" are the first words out of Teshe's mouth.