Friday, September 25, 2009

Mission meeting recap

It was a good meeting.

We truly have a fun group of people coming along! ;o) Great energy and lots of good natured teasing.

I was a bit bummed though! We were going to take a group picture so that we could include it in the letters we will be mailing for support, but the camera I packed and placed next the front door of the house.... stayed at house. ;o(

We have our next fundraiser scheduled. It's a spaghetti dinner... you know the typical yummy church dinner It's in November.

We are thinking about having a benefit concert at one of the other churches represented in the team. We know a couple of people that have bands that would be willing to come sing and donate all the proceeds towards our cause... we are very excited about that! ;o) Just have to get a date and

Two of our members work at local schools, one is an assistant principle and the other a teacher so they are going to work on getting some Children's Health packets together for us to hand our while we are there. They are both pretty excited about that.

We got to conference in Andrea from Washington to listen along. It was great to have her 'there', although we cut up quite a hope we didn't scare her off ;o)

Over all I think they are all getting excited about the trip, it's only 6 months away now... yikes!

Shucks I was reminded this morning that Christmas is 3 months from today.... whos ready for that??!!!

Over all it feel like the team is committed to God's call on their lives to be on this Team. He is SO good!


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

YEAH! Praying for you all!!!!

Adeye said...

I know--the year is absolutely flying by.

Sounds like amazing things are happening. I am so excited for you!