Saturday, September 6, 2008

High School

ok, so I have to jump a bit off topic here.

This year would have been my 20 year reunion, my son graduated high school and my daughter started her first year.  

I didn't make my reunion, we weren't sure when we would be traveling so I didn't want to make plans to go and then not attend.  We still live in the same city so it's not like I would have had to travel anywhere.  So a few weeks ago I get this email that some alumni created a network online for graduates.  And then while in the hospital one of our nurses was a guy I graduated with... small world huh?!

Anywho... I have spent some time on this site that was created... my goodness... SO many memories!  Do you remember high school?  So many changes happen in high school huh?  So much growing up.  I wasn't the most popular, and didn't really have a clique... I was just kind of friends with everyone.  I was also a TON more shy, less secure, definitely not the faith I have now.  It's funny how things change huh?  I sure wouldn't want to go back, but it has been so much fun seeing those people I used to know... used to think my world revolved around.   I am SO glad my world revolves around what it does now.  My God, my family, my husband my children.

Life is better than good!

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