Monday, September 1, 2008

A light

Little man is still in the hospital.

Can I just tell you that this is SO not fun!!!

I can see so many reasons that this is where we are supposed to be for now, but it's still so very hard.  It may be a great hospital, but the 4 walls still close in on you as you sit, day after day.  I find myself many times thinking of the parents there that don't have a light at the end of their tunnel.  Their children that won't be going home, at least not to the one made of wood and nails. I think of the little boy in the room next to us who was struck by a car and will never be the same little boy again.  The loss there is hard to see every day.  

I think of the mothers in Ethiopia that watch their children die as they hold them and am reminded that they would give anything to be "stuck" in this place.

Who am I to complain? Our Dr thinks they have identified all the flora and fauna growing on the wound on Little E's head.  Well most of them, some are new to them... E's been a great science experiment for the lab folks. ;o)

We will be on meds for quite a while, but things we should be able to administer at home.
We are all SO looking forward to getting home and as N says "Be a family again".

Oh speaking my little N, he's SO missing the family core.  He's been struggling with this situation the most I think.  He will start Preschool again tomorrow, I think it will be SO good for him to be able to go be with his friends and play and learn.  To get some normalcy.

So N goes to Preschool and S starts high school tomorrow.  She has to catch the bus at 550am... can you even imagine?!  I can't!   Say a little prayer that she gets up in time.  ;o)


Mugsey said...

Wow, heavy stuff. I'm glad your being a light in a tough place. Hope Little E will be home soon. He has an awesome smile, and quite a tenacious spirit. May God grant you the grace and courage to perservere. Hugs, Michelle

Andrea said...

I am so sad for your. You are such a trooper. I really hope you still get some time at home too and don't have to go back to work right away. You really inspire me with everything going on right now. But as always you had good points too when you mentioned that there is no light for some at the end of the tunnel. Hope you get to go home really soon.