Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Oh Dear

So yesterday was such a great day.
I stopped by mom's house after dropping N off at preschool and we took E to a little park close to her.
He is getting stronger and more adventurous every day.  He LOVES to slide. He will climb up and slide down all day long.  Which is kind of a feat for him because his legs are still kind of weak.  
We walked along a path to another park and this time there were 3 slides.  And a sort of wobbly bridge in the middle.  The kind of wobbly they do on purpose.  Well at first E wasn't so keen on going over the bridge, it's a bit scary when you aren't too steady on your feet.  But he conquered it after a few times and ended up walking over it all by himself.  So cool!
He then found a new fun game, have mommy sit at the bottom of the slide while he slides into her....lol  Luckily he's a tiny kid. ;o)
He would climb up and tell me "SHOES" (translated: I am going to slide down and bonk you with my shoes and we are going to laugh hysterically)
This is a game I think he could have played for hours.  After he slid into me he would cuddle and laugh and say a slew of Amharic words. I sure wish I knew what he was saying.

We had such a great day.  Then it became bedtime.
Daddy was going to put him to bed, and he began to kind of freak out wanting me to do it.  This is the first time this has happened.  Weird. Poor daddy.  He ended up taking care of it, but Little E wasn't so happy.  Then didn't sleep so well the rest of the night.  I am taking this as a good sign, if not a hard one, that he's settling in and beginning to get that I am the momma.  I just hope daddy doesn't lose out on the process.  

Oh, and E has also begun this thing where when you are saying good bye...if he's not mad at you and throwing the shoulder...lol...he will lean in to kiss you and say "I Love you" clear as day. We were leaving S to go get N from preschool and he went to her without provocation, leaned in for a kiss, waved and said "I love you"!  SOOOOO awesome!

God is SO good!!!

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Mugsey said...

Few and far between are blessing like those but they are better than gold. Glad to hear Little E is getting stonger every day. Thank you for your prayers for our family as well.