Friday, September 19, 2008


k I am jumping on the Friday bandwagon.... ;o)

It's been a MUCH better week.  I am not sure if I can even tell you how much better this week has been than last week.  Although I guess if you keep up with the blog you would know. ;o)

The days have been SO much easier, our little "light bulb" boy is ON much more than previously and it's a ton easier to get him back on track than before.  It's almost as of we removed the IV and something unhappy was removed with it.  Now of course it can't have been comfortable, and no fun to be strapped to that thing all the time.  But's like he now feels like he can relax some.  

We have been out to a restaurant, to the mall, and all over the place this week and he's been an angel.  We went into a local store called Fresh Market today and he was so funny.  He was looking at the flowers and fruits and painted pumpkins going "wow! wow! wow!"  

Tonight Z was over and we were all rolling on the floor tickling and playing.  We started some tummy raspberries, but E pretty much just spit on us so we kind of stopped that quickly.

Thank you for your prayers and support!!!
God is Good!


Leslie said...

Yay God!! I am so glad that things are going better!

Matthew and Amanda said...

Glad things are going well. Hope they just get better and better!