Wednesday, September 3, 2008


There was an amazing article in the USA Today, as well as many other papers, about a truly amazing family I know. 
You can read it here .
The unfortunate thing is that many comments are disturbing... to say the least. Makes me wonder the "diseased" ones are... so sad to see that there is still so much ignorance in the world.
  • HIV is NOT casually transmitted.
  • You can NOT get it by a mosquito bite.  (really?  come on, if mosquito's were carrier's we would ALL have it)
  • Children adopted are NOT placed in the "system". Adoptive parents go through very stringent applications and have to prove healthcare coverage and means to care for the children.  
  • Children in daycare can NOT transmit casually.
  • Person's on ARV's can and DO live long, normal, healthy lives.
  • HIV is easier to manage than Diabetes.
  • ALL children deserve homes and love, and those that adopt have every right to make the decision right for their own family.


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