Monday, September 22, 2008

Ode to Z

So I was thinking that I haven't really talked about my Z much, so I thought I would take a moment and tell you a bit.

He's my oldest son.  He's the guy I have grown up with.  I started mommy-hood at a young age, so growing with him has been an adventure.  Not always easy, especially for him, but I can see so many places that God has used our circumstances for His good.

Z is currently a college student.  He's attending a local bible college, he also attends the church that runs the school. He loves the Lord and he loves his church.  He's extremely responsible, but he's also got the whole 18 yr old attitude thing going on. ;o) 

He helps to run a small group or Cell group for middle school kids.  He's a great leader.  

He LOVES his church, he's so excited about all the great things they are doing.  It's exciting to watch him grow in the Lord and be so excited about what the Lord is doing in his life and the life of his church.

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Andrea said...

Oh Andrea, this is too funny, I was going to write about my daughter as she is off to college tomorrow. What a blessing from God that he has turned out like that especially when you grow up with your child. And he is handsome too.